Antique Engine & Tractor Links
Allen's Antique Engine,Tractor,Model,Steam related Links.
Ballacregga Engine Collection   (Engines,Tractors, Etc...with photos).
Blue Mountain Antique Gas & Steam Association  (Engine,Tractors,Classifieds).
Corey Bell  Phone # 918-227-4407 (Reproduction Lunkinhiemers).
Don Siefker Antique Engines & Models (Engines,Models,Photo's).
Denis Rouleau Engine Shed   (Photo's of engines,tractors also engine registry's).  

Desjardins Gasoline Engines  (Joe Kelleys website from Hampden, Maine).


Engine Utopia   A heavenly resting place for ancient iron.

Galloway Engines  (The most comprehensive website for Galloway engines).
Gas-Engine-Tom (Tom Winland - collects, buys & sells antique engines).

Grenning's Engine Collection

     The Historical Construction Equipment Association (HCEA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to 
preserving for public education the history of all types of construction, surface mining and dredging equipment.
Founded in 1986, we have 4,300 members worldwide. We operate the National Construction Equipment Museum
and an extensive Archives of construction, surface mining and dredging equipment industry at our headquarters 
in Bowling Green, Ohio, and we hold an annual Convention featuring static and operating vintage equipment
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Jack Craib's
Caille Outboard Motor Information Pages.
Jack Craib's
Rowboat Motor Information Site
Roland's Yard ( Petter Engine Website).
  OLD IRON PAGES  I.H.C. Serial #'s & Dates.
Ken's Engine Mega-List    (Very large links page dedicated to photos of engines).
Nelson Brothers Engines "Yahoo Group" (Forum, Photos, Info, Etc..).
 Nelson Brothers Engines   (History, Registry & photos).
    Peter & Rita Forbes' Engine Webpages
Prestons Engine Barn  (Antique engines, Photos, Etc...).
Rick's Taylor Vacuum Engine Log  (Very professional done website, Wow! those Pumpkins are BIG!)
Ron Mattson's Engine Collection   (Lots of photos & engine name tags).
Rustosis   (Website that promotes Antiques).
Schoolcraft's Antique Engines   (Lots of antique engines & photos)
Steve Barr's Engine Shanty  ( Very large selection of Photo's & Literature, All around great site)
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Small Engine Collectors Club  (Lots of small antique engines with photos).
The Old Engine House   (Steam Engine photos & information).
Antique Tractors Forum
Pictures & Discussion Of Antique Tractors & Machinery
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Engine & Tractor Shows
Pioneer Park Days, Zolfo Springs  (Engine,Tractor show, Fleamarket, Music).
Engine & part suppliers
Engine supplies, magneto services, etc..
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Marvin's Maytag Shed    (Maytag engines, parts & classifieds).
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Vintage Engine Machine Works    (Rings 1" to 10", babbiting, Machine work, Etc..)
Model Engine Related Links
Alyn Foundry   (Model Engine Casting Kits & Supplies).
Bob Shores Model Engines   (Plans to build models from bar & raw stock).
Cabin Fever Expo  (Model Engineering Exhibition Leesport Pennsylvannia).
Classic Motors Scale Model Engines   (Casting kits & ready run Model Engines).
Don Siefker Antique Engines & Models (Engines,Models,Photo's).
George Luhrs Mini-Models (Builds the smallest scale model engines that actually run).
Grennings Model Engines   (Ready to run Model Engines).
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Lone Star Engine Works   (Steam & Gas Model casting kits).
North American Model Engineering Society (Names Show, Lots of photos & Info).
Reg Ingolds Homepage    (Great Collection of Models & fullsize engines).
Garden Tractor Links
Bill's Panzer Page  (Manuals, information & Photos).
Dandy Sales, Inc.   (Panzer & Clemson garden tractor parts).
Engine & Tractor Literture & Links
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