Photo of my Father & Mother

Heller & Dorothy Davis

Photo of me with the catch of the day

John Davis
        John Davis,  born Oct,1961 live in the central Florida area. My Mother & Father are also located in the central Florida area and my two older brothers.  The past 27 years I have been working for a very large defense company here in Florida as a machinist (Manual machinist, CNC Machinist, setup & programming).  The CNC is the abbreviation for (computer numerical control).

My dad worked as a tool & die maker for thirty five years and  has been retired since 1994. Although he worked as tool & die maker, he is also a self taught manual machinist and a very good one at that. You can see the quality of workmanship in the photo's of his scale model engines.  My mom goes to all the engine shows with us and supports us.

  Me and Dad have been collecting & restoring engines, tractors, etc... since about 1983 and we love the hobby just as much now as we did then, if not more.  We like anything Antique, but  our hearts are with the old flywheel engines.  The old iron engines seem to live and run forever.....

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