Detroit related ? - Two Cycle Marine Engines.


Boulton & Paul LTD
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There is not much known about this company from London & not many of their engines still in existance. At this time the engine in these photo's is the only B&P two cycle marine engine that is in running condition. The engine is almost an exact copy of the Detroit marine engine and should be noted that Detroit Engine Works had a company located in London just a few miles from the Boulton & Paul Factory under the Columbia Engine Co. name. 


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United Manufacturing Company, Little Giant engine.  
Owner: Andrew Albrecht Cincinnati, Ohio.

The tag on this engine reads United Manufacturing Co. Detroit, Michigan. Little Giant 2 Hp Serial No. 2154. Who manufactured this engine? Could have been Detroit Engine Works, Termaat & Monahan, Caille or one of the other Jefferson Ave Companies at this point we are not sure but it doesn't look like the Little Giant engines that United Manufacturing Co. produced. This may be a example of a company purchasing engines from another engine company and re-tagging to sell.


Petoskey Iron Works.
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Phillip Middleditch (Older brother of Benjamin Middleditch) was born in Amherstburg, Canada in 1856. Phillip was the proprietor of the company Petoskey Iron Works located at 315 State Street Petoskey, Michigan. City directories show PIW in the Petoskey area around the 1906-1910 time period. PIW's sold marine engines that looked very close to the marine engines that Detroit Engine Works produced. Benjamin Middleditch helped his older brother design and manufacture the company's first engines. This was a very small company that was only in business for a few years.  PIW was also a sales agent for the Alamo Engine Co. The Petoskey Iron Works business was sold around the 1911 time period and the manufacturing of the Petoskey two cycle marine engines ceased. New owners continued in business as a repair shop and agent for Alamo engines. Phillip Middleditch died in 1914.