Davis Family Antique Engine Collection.

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Associated Chore Boy 1-3/4 hp air cooled hit & miss engine.



Aermotor Company Chicago, Illinois

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Used mostly to run a jack & pump to pump water out of the ground at the base of a wind mill when there was no wind.

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(Creators Popcorn Engine)                                        (Kingery Steam Engine)


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Detroit Engine Works 2-1/ 2 hp single cylinder 2 cycle fuel injection 1908-1916.

My father found this engine in Lake Alfred Florida. The City of Lake Alfred used the engine to run a pump that pumped water up to the Cities water tower. The engine was manufactured in Detroit Michigan sometime between 1908 & 1915.  One of the first fuel injection engines made.  Sold new for $147.00 in (1908). Restoration by Heller Davis.


      JCD_DEW2Cycle01.JPG (50556 bytes)  Detroit02.jpg (268256 bytes)  Detroit06.jpg (23866 bytes)  Detroit52.jpg (87611 bytes)  Detroit04.jpg (18406 bytes)  Detroit06a.jpg (25928 bytes)  Detroit05.jpg (15225 bytes)  Detroit05a.jpg (19172 bytes)
Detroit Engine Works  3 hp single cylinder 2 cycle fuel injection 1908-1916.

I purchased this engine from a fellow collector at the Florida Flywheelers show. The photo on the far left is what the engine looked like when I purchased it.  As you can see the engine was not restored and missing most all the governor parts with exception of the fly weight. The governor parts were replaced and the engine is completely restored now. This is one of the very first fuel injection type engines. Injection system pressurized from the crank case.  The photo below is a close up of the top cap for the Peterson fuel reservoir on this engine. Engine restoration by John Davis & Heller Davis.

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Fairbanks_Morse_2hp_Eclipse_3_Cement_Mixer_37.JPG (116425 bytes) Fairbanks_Morse_2hp_Eclipse_3_Cement_Mixer_38.JPG (55136 bytes) Fairbanks_Morse_2hp_Eclipse_3_Cement_Mixer_35.JPG (135132 bytes) Fairbanks_Morse_2hp_Eclipse_3_Cement_Mixer_34.JPG (98974 bytes) Fairbanks_Morse_2hp_Eclipse_3_Cement_Mixer_43.JPG (30170 bytes) Fairbanks_Morse_2hp_Eclipse_3_Cement_Mixer_40.JPG (59985 bytes) 
Fairbanks_Morse_2hp_Eclipse_3_Cement_Mixer_36.JPG (144450 bytes) Fairbanks_Morse_2hp_Eclipse_3_Cement_Mixer_42.JPG (59753 bytes) Fairbanks_Morse_2hp_Eclipse_3_Cement_Mixer_48.JPG (33535 bytes) Fairbanks_Morse_2hp_Eclipse_3_Cement_Mixer_41.JPG (155627 bytes) Fairbanks_Morse_2hp_Eclipse_3_Cement_Mixer_52.JPG (101116 bytes) Fairbanks_Morse_2hp_Eclipse_3_Cement_Mixer_47.JPG (44600 bytes) Fairbanks_Morse_2hp_Eclipse_3_Cement_Mixer_51.JPG (40998 bytes)  
Fairbanks_Morse_2hp_Eclipse_3_Cement_Mixer_46.JPG (64132 bytes) Fairbanks_Morse_2hp_Eclipse_3_Cement_Mixer_39.JPG (78857 bytes) Fairbanks_Morse_2hp_Eclipse_3_Cement_Mixer_45.JPG (70164 bytes) Fairbanks_Morse_2hp_Eclipse_3_Cement_Mixer_49.JPG (25333 bytes) Fairbanks_Morse_2hp_Eclipse_3_Cement_Mixer_50.JPG (26546 bytes) PICT0022.JPG (31764 bytes) PICT0024.JPG (44486 bytes)
Fairbanks_Morse_Eclipse_2hp_Cement_Mixer_053.JPG (54399 bytes) Fairbanks_Morse_Eclipse_2hp_Cement_Mixer_055.JPG (52767 bytes) Fairbanks_Morse_Eclipse_2hp_Cement_Mixer_054.JPG (77998 bytes) Fairbanks_Morse_Eclipse_2hp_056.JPG (43557 bytes) Fairbanks_Morse_Eclipse_2hp_057.JPG (46672 bytes) Fairbanks_Morse_Eclipse_2hp_058.JPG (51080 bytes)

Eclipse # 3  two horse power hit & miss manufactured by Fairbanks, Morse & Co. Beloit, Wisconsin 1934 to 1941. This engine was originally designed to be used on a pump jack for pumping water when there was no wind for the wind mills.  Also was used on other farm equipment. Above photos show it being used on a mixer.  The mixer could be used for cement, mortar, plaster, mueller, etc.. 


Owner: (Heller Davis)
Florida_Flywheelers_Feb_2008_35.JPG (282401 bytes)
2hp Sparta Economy model CA


(Manufactured by Fairbanks Morse & Co. Beloit, Wisconsin.)

jackbt1.jpg (17611 bytes)                          Fb10.jpg (37885 bytes)
(Fairbanks Morse 2hp)        (Fairbanks Morse 10hp)      


Fairbanks_Morse_10hp_36A_Heller_Davis_01.jpg (229541 bytes) Fairbanks_Morse_10hp_36A_Heller_Davis_02.jpg (209726 bytes) Fairbanks_Morse_10hp_36A_Heller_Davis_03.jpg (265845 bytes) Fairbanks_Morse_10hp_Model_36A_Tag_Heller_Davis.JPG (108151 bytes)



Fairbanks_Morse_10hp_Diesel_Model_36A_001.JPG (40251 bytes) Fairbanks_Morse_10hp_Diesel_Model_36A_002.JPG (42279 bytes) Fairbanks_Morse_10hp_Diesel_Model_36A_004.JPG (143409 bytes) Fairbanks_Morse_10hp_Diesel_Model_36A_003A.JPG (38921 bytes) Fairbanks_Morse_10hp_Diesel_Model_36A_003.JPG (44676 bytes) Fairbanks_Morse_10hp_Diesel_Model_36A_001A.JPG (47078 bytes) 

Fairbanks_Morse_10hp_Diesel_Model_36A_005.JPG (66530 bytes) Fairbanks_Morse_10hp_Diesel_Model_36A_007.JPG (105259 bytes) Fairbanks_Morse_10hp_Diesel_Model_36A_006.JPG (67102 bytes)
YouTube Video's below.


    Fairbanks_Morse_6hp_Heller_Davis_5.JPG (35797 bytes) Fairbanks_Morse_6hp_Heller_Davis_2.JPG (113229 bytes) Fairbanks_Morse_6hp_Heller_Davis_3.JPG (98464 bytes) Fairbanks_Morse_6hp_Heller_Davis_1.JPG (79167 bytes) Fairbanks_Morse_6hp_Heller_Davis_11.JPG (58849 bytes) Fairbanks_Morse_6hp_Heller_Davis_10.JPG (32522 bytes) Fairbanks_Morse_6hp_Heller_Davis_4.JPG (48874 bytes)
(Fairbanks Morse Z 6hp)


Gal1.jpg (14625 bytes)                                                                         Gal2.jpg (16798 bytes)

Galloway 5 hp,  manufactured by the William Galloway Co. Waterloo, Iowa.  This particular engine has a round connecting rod which I believe was used on the early model Galloway's.  Above are the before and after restoration photos. Restoration by Heller Davis.


Owner: John Davis
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(Gilson 1-1/2hp, Trade name Johnny on the Spot.)
(Manufactured by Gilson Manufacturing Co. Port Washington, Wisconsin.)



John_Deere_3hp_Heller_Davis_001.JPG (80398 bytes) John_Deere_3hp_Heller_Davis_002.JPG (83658 bytes) John_Deere_3hp_Heller_Davis_003.JPG (80112 bytes) John_Deere_3hp_Heller_Davis_007.JPG (83701 bytes) John_Deere_3hp_Heller_Davis_006.JPG (97772 bytes) John_Deere_3hp_Heller_Davis_005.JPG (85135 bytes)
John_Deere_3hp_Heller_Davis_004.JPG (78767 bytes) John_Deere_3hp_Heller_Davis_008.JPG (82184 bytes) John_Deere_3hp_Heller_Davis_009.JPG (69215 bytes) John_Deere_3hp_Heller_Davis_010.JPG (88486 bytes)
1933 John Deere 1.5 hp model E,  Owner: Heller Davis.




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Nelson_Bros_Unito_Sn_5749_John_Davis__7.JPG (70882 bytes) Nelson_Bros_Unito_Sn_5749_John_Davis__2.JPG (74443 bytes) Nelson_Bros_Unito_Sn_5749_John_Davis__8.JPG (81002 bytes) Nelson_Bros_Unito_Sn_5749_John_Davis__1.JPG (68177 bytes) Nelson_Bros_Unito_Sn_5749_John_Davis__6.JPG (78484 bytes) Nelson_Bros_Unito_Sn_5749_John_Davis__9.JPG (72946 bytes)
 Nelson_Bros_Unito_Sn_5749_John_Davis__10.JPG (54041 bytes) Nelson_Bros_Unito_Sn_5749_John_Davis__11.JPG (74646 bytes) Nelson_Bros_Unito_Sn_5749_John_Davis__3.JPG (63662 bytes) Nelson_Bros_Unito_Sn_5749_John_Davis__12.JPG (118349 bytes) Nelson_Bros_Unito_Sn_5749_John_Davis__13.JPG (132387 bytes) Nelson_Bros_Unito_Sn_5749_John_Davis__14.JPG (52646 bytes) Nelson_Bros_Unito_Sn_5749_John_Davis__16.JPG (51864 bytes) 

Nelson Brothers 1-3/4hp, Manufactured by Nelson Bros Co. Saginaw, Michigan. The engine was sold by a (Jobbing house) called United Factories Co.  Cleveland, Ohio.  "Unito" was their trade mark name. The engines were sold with Unito embossed brass name tags and Unito painted on the hoppers. The photos above are before and after restoration. Restoration by (John Davis).


Nelson_Bros_Little_Jumbo_Heller_Davis_01.JPG (58078 bytes) Nelson_Bros_Little_Jumbo_Heller_Davis_02.JPG (66785 bytes) Nelson_Bros_Little_Jumbo_Heller_Davis_04.JPG (48252 bytes) Nelson_Bros_Little_Jumbo_Heller_Davis_05.JPG (73647 bytes)
Nelson_Bros_Little_Jumbo_Heller_Davis_06.JPG (60993 bytes) Nelson_Bros_Little_Jumbo_Heller_Davis_07.JPG (60326 bytes) Nelson_Bros_Little_Jumbo_Heller_Davis_09.JPG (43818 bytes) Nelson_Bros_Little_Jumbo_Heller_Davis_08.JPG (65924 bytes) Florida_Flywheelers_Feb_2008_36.JPG (311776 bytes)
Early model "P" 1-3/4hp Nelson Bros. little Jumbo.
Last photo finished restoration.  Owner: (Heller Davis).



victor1.jpg (131397 bytes)

1910 International Victor 2hp manufactured by International Harvester Chicago, Illinois. When my father got this engine it was a basket case, everything was apart. As you can tell it has been re-assembled and completely restored. You don't see as many of the International Victor engines like this one, most are the Famous or the Titan type engines. Restoration by Heller Davis.


m72.jpg (63662 bytes)                                       m92.jpg (61920 bytes)
(Maytag model #72)                                (Maytag model # 92)

These two engines were manufactured by the Maytag Co. Newton, Iowa. The engines were used to run Maytag washing machines to wash clothes.


myric1.jpg (11148 bytes)
Myric Eclipse Hot tube air cooled natural gas engine.


Olds010.jpg (53218 bytes)                                        Olds020.jpg (52722 bytes)

1904 Old's Engine Model 2A, 2-hp Manufactured by Olds Gasoline Engine Works Lansing, Michigan. This engine came from the factory mounted to this Meyers double action water well pump with 5 inch bore. Olds claimed that the pump was capable of throwing a stream 85 feet under a pressure of 100 PSI.  Restoration by Heller Davis.


Peerless_3hp_Heller_Davis_16.JPG (45337 bytes)

       PEER1.JPG (17323 bytes) Peerless1.JPG (115850 bytes) Peerless_3hp_Heller_Davis_3.JPG (82148 bytes) Peerless_3hp_Heller_Davis_11.JPG (171938 bytes) Peerless_3hp_Heller_Davis_13.JPG (63321 bytes) Peerless_3hp_Heller_Davis_21.JPG (51634 bytes) Peerless_3hp_Heller_Davis_14.JPG (45665 bytes) Peerless_3hp_Heller_Davis_12.JPG (53457 bytes) Peerless_3hp_Heller_Davis_20.JPG (61612 bytes) Peerless_3hp_Heller_Davis_15.JPG (35004 bytes)

Peerless 3hp manufactured by the Peerless Motor Co. Lansing, Michigan.  First produced in (1908) the engine was called the "Butcher Boy" used in some meat markets to run their saw's. The tank above the cylinder held water to keep the engine cool. That's my father  Heller Davis in the photo, he did the restoration on this engine.



Petter_JCD01.JPG (61881 bytes)    Petter_JCD04.JPG (201818 bytes)    Petter_JCD03.JPG (18695 bytes)    Petter_JCD02.JPG (69674 bytes)    Petter_JCD05.JPG (286819 bytes)    Petter_JCD06.JPG (255930 bytes)

Petter Junior (Little Pet) 1.5 hp early series 1,  S/N 1063. I purchased this engine from a engine collector-seller at one of our shows here in Florida.   He acquired the engine from a farmer in Orms Town Quebec, Canada. According to the records from the Petter factory there were originally 300 of this style engine produced. Serial numbers 1000 through 1300.  Due to problems with the engine at least 70 were known to be returned to the factory by customers for refund. There are around 10 of these engine known to exist at this time most of them are located in England or Australia. Restoration is currently in progress, below are some update photo's. New white metal bronze bushings for the mains, Added seals to the mains, New piston rings, New wrist pin,  New Jet nozzle on the carburetor, New check ball & screw on carburetor, New inner return tube on carburetor  reservoir, New diaphragm for fuel pump.

IMAG0019.JPG (61154 bytes) IMAG0017.JPG (65290 bytes) IMAG0021.JPG (79168 bytes) IMAG0022.JPG (52338 bytes) IMAG0024.JPG (84050 bytes) IMAG0023.JPG (79458 bytes) IMAG0002.JPG (71244 bytes) IMAG0005.JPG (78338 bytes)
IMAG0033.JPG (41269 bytes) IMAG0030.JPG (35612 bytes) IMAG0010.JPG (64608 bytes)
IMAG0012.JPG (71294 bytes) IMAG0013.JPG (68136 bytes) IMAG0025.JPG (66957 bytes)

Finished Painting and most of the assembling June-3rd-2006. Still need to reproduce
pressure feed rectangular oiler that mounts on the side of the water hopper.
Petter_Junior_1_5hp_001.JPG (326182 bytes) Petter_1.5_JCD04.JPG (78981 bytes) Petter_1.5_JCD07.JPG (78680 bytes) Petter_1.5_JCD01.JPG (76600 bytes) Petter_1.5_JCD08.JPG (77926 bytes) Petter_1.5_JCD05.JPG (83972 bytes) Petter_1.5_JCD10.JPG (78538 bytes) Petter_1.5_JCD11.JPG (91228 bytes) Petter_M_Chart_01.JPG (200247 bytes)
2.875 Bore                                     Updated Dec-28-2009


WitteDads01.JPG (44348 bytes)         WitteDads02.JPG (40971 bytes)         WitteDads03.JPG (43095 bytes)         WitteDads04.JPG (250416 bytes)
Witte 2hp manufactured by Witte Engine Works Kansas City, Missouri. Restoration by Heller Davis.

witt5.jpg (105087 bytes)    
  Witte 3hp manufactured by Witte Engine Works Kansas City, Missouri. Restoration by Heller Davis.

TitanJD01.JPG (39990 bytes)              TitanJD02.JPG (38549 bytes)             TitanJD03.JPG (35198 bytes)
Titan 1-hp manufactured by International Harvester Co.  Between 1911 and 1917.

hm1.jpg (94228 bytes)                            air-eng1.jpg (79544 bytes)

(Home Built Engines) These two engines were machined and manufactured by my father (Heller Davis).  (Left horizontal engine) The crank case & base were cast from aluminum using a furnace and sand molds. All the other pieces & parts of this engine were either machined from raw stock or came from other parts engines and modified to work.  (Right vertical engine) This engine was made from a vertical Air compressor and uses side shaft gears from a Voltswagon automobile distributor.


Waterloo_Contract_J_C_Davis_001.JPG (94935 bytes) Waterloo_Contract_J_C_Davis_002.JPG (92047 bytes) Waterloo_Contract_J_C_Davis_003.JPG (80574 bytes) Waterloo_Contract_J_C_Davis_007.JPG (107139 bytes) Waterloo_Contract_J_C_Davis_004.JPG (93758 bytes) Waterloo_Contract_J_C_Davis_005.JPG (83380 bytes)
Waterloo contract engine 1-1/2 or 2 hp hit & miss.

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