* NOTICE*    Some of the engines on this page may not be using the original  engine
      parts per factory spec's such as carburetors, fuel reservoirs/injectors, Exhaust, Etc...

Middleditch Engine Co.  Detroit, Michigan.


Owner: Steve Kunz         Hp 3      Serial # B2105
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Two Middleditch engines in this photo but I only have a photo of one of the tags.


       Owner: Nelson Pharoah from New York.         Serial # B3199
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MEC_6hp_kevin_pharoah_006.jpg (47358 bytes) MEC_6hp_kevin_pharoah_007.jpg (251187 bytes) MEC_6hp_kevin_pharoah_008.jpg (241426 bytes) MEC_6hp_kevin_pharoah_009.jpg (228067 bytes) MEC_6hp_kevin_pharoah_010.jpg (250078 bytes) MEC_6hp_kevin_pharoah_011.jpg (190616 bytes) MEC_6hp_kevin_pharoah_012.jpg (56806 bytes) MEC_6hp_kevin_pharoah_013.jpg (48303 bytes)

Middleditch Engine 6 hp and a good example of a very complete original engine.  Middleditch engines and the early style Bessemer vertical two cycle tank cooled engines are basically the same engine with the only difference being the Middleditch embossed inspection cover plate and the brass name tag. The Middleditch engines were only manufactured for about two or three years and it appears that not to many survived.

 Middleditch engine 1.5 hp, owner: John Wetsel  

Middleditch engine, Owner & hp unknown.

Middleditch Auction Engine
Middleditch_002.jpg (79586 bytes) Middleditch_001.jpg (40359 bytes) Middleditch_003.jpg (37895 bytes)
Owner & hp unknown



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