Panzer Garden Tractors

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Photo on the left is a Copar Panzer model T-220  Garden tractor,  all original & in good running condition. Powered by a 9 Hp Briggs & Stratton  & made sometime between 1954 -1959.  The rear ends in these tractors were from Chrysler vehicles.

Photo on the right is a  Panzer Model T- 70  Powered by a  6 HP Briggs & Stratton  & manufactured sometime between  1960-1963.  Rear end in this tractor is also a Chrysler product. 
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Garden Master

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Gard'n Mast'r model GB 8hp air cooled Briggs & Stratton tractor was manufactured by Garden - All Tractor  Inc.  Liberty, Indiana.  This engine starts with a hand crank at the front of the tractor just like a model T car or truck.  As you can tell we have not painted the hood, look for new photos soon.


Merry Garden Auto Cultivator

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Merry Garden Auto Cultivator manufactured by the Atlantic Machine & Mfg Co. Cleveland, Ohio 
around the 1920's time period.  This machine was equipped with a powerful 2hp two cycle Evinrude water cooled engine completely incased gears, Bosch magneto, trouble proof lubrication, Atma air cleaner. Sold new for $230 dollars in 1920 with a money back guarantee.

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