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PLEASE READ THIS Davis Antiques & Scale Models accepts no liability or responsibility for any product, service, transaction, damage or anything else that might happen as a result of you contacting any of  the suppliers listed in these pages.  Model suppliers please email me with any updates, new models, change of address, phone numbers, website link, etc...   mazak@rocketmail.com
MODEL SUPPLIERS LIST       Update 02-18-2017 www.antiquengines.com
Aircraft Engine Historical Society. , http://www.enginehistory.org/model_engines.htm
All types of  scaled down aircraft engines.
Bill G. Reichart.   WEBSITE , 623 Ivanhoe,  Holmes Beach, Fla. 34217    Eight model engines.  Send six,  32 cent stamps & self address envelope for details. Panther Pup.
Alyn Foundry.  Website   Out of Business.  See  *Anson Engine Museum below*
Tuttle St. Wrexham. Clwyd.   LL13 7AA England   Gas engine kits, Gardener, RLE, Retlas. Hotair kits, Robinson Chippy, # 4, Gas Isac F Allman,  Hot bulb oil  & Flame licker engines.
Blackberry Models.  James K. Gehringer,  815-495-2009    BUSINESS SOLD.    1778 North  44th Road, Leland, IL.  60531  Gas engine kits, 1/5 of a 10hp Sandwhich, 1/5 of a 5hp Chanticleer,   1/5 of a 3hp IHC famous vertical.  New owners Bob & John Bishop, kits are not available at this time. Update coming soon.
American Stirling Co. 217-351-5789,  1600 W. Bradley Ave,  Q-309 Champaign,  IL   61821
Stirling engine kits & ready to run engines.
Blue Ridge Machinery & Tools. 304-562-3538, P.O. Box 536-L Hurricane, west Virginia 25526 
Machine tools, lathes, mills & supplies.
Anson Engine Museum. Website  Phone 01625 874 426,  Anson Road, Poynton, Cheshire SK12 1TD United Kingdom.  Casting kit Gardner 1/2 scale O gas engine.  More casting kits coming. Bob Shores.  813-645-8322,  108 Carmelina Street Ruskin, Florida   33570
http://www.bobshores.com    Bar stock gas engine plans & coil book.
Arthur Dekalb.  315-298-3410,      51 Van Alstyne Drive  Pulaski, New York 13142
Bottle steam engine casting kits.
Boston Gear.  888-999-9860,     14 Hayward St. Quincy, MA 02171.
Website: www.bosgear.com    Gears for model engines...  
Asbury Graphite Mills, Inc.   405 Old Main Strt  P.O. Box 144  Asbury,  New Jersey   08802 Web:http://www.asbury.com/   Graphite round stock for pistons. 908-537-2155 B.P. Machine. 419-258-7172 after 5:00 PM,  Brooks Pendergrast   6853 U.S.24, Antwerp, Ohio 45813      
Casting kit: 1/3 scale of 1906 Stickney Universal 17" tall, 1-1/4 bore, 1.3 stroke, 7-3/4 flywheels.    BPMachine@Paulding-net.com
Baily Craftsman Supply.  800-895-5446,   P.O. Box 276 Fulton, Missouri    65251
Books & stirling engine kits.
Brad E. Smith.   414-529-3440,  7574 South 74th Street Franklin, Wisconsin   53132  Out of Business. 
1/2 scale "Maytag" upright & fruit jar castings, "Bremen" hot air engines, hydraulic ram, Stirling engine castings.
Couple kits and some parts is all Brad has left to sell if anyone is interested.
BalerMan.   http://www.balerman1.com 326 Asbury Circle, Enid, Ok 73703-4919.  580-234-8485
1/16, 1/8, 1/6, &  1/3 scale model hay balers kits. Plans also  available. .
Out of Business.
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