Detroit Motor Car Supply Company
The photo's above were scanned from a original Sandow engine catalog dating 1914. The first photo is the DMCSC Factory that was located at the corner of East Jefferson Ave. & Bellevue Ave.  Detroit, Michigan. The second photo is the engine assembly room. The third photo is of a machine that holds eight cylinders to be machined and bored.
* NOTICE*  Some of the engines below may not be using the original engine parts per factory spec's such as carburetors, fuel reservoirs/injectors, Exhaust, Etc...


Detroit Motor Car Supply Company
Sandow Stationary Tank Cooled Engines.


DMCSC Sandow 2.5 hp stationary tank cool engine, S/N 1119

Owner: Garret hartig from Clarence Iowa.


DMCSC Sandow 2.5 hp stationary tank cool engine, S/N 1018

DMCSC_Sandow_2.5hp_John_Davis_001.JPG (69829 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_2.5hp_John_Davis_002.JPG (41696 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_2.5hp_John_Davis_003.JPG (70681 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_2.5hp_John_Davis_004.JPG (423009 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_2.5hp_John_Davis_005.JPG (48020 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_2.5hp_John_Davis_006.JPG (41471 bytes)
Owner: John C. Davis from St. Cloud, Florida.


DMCSC Sandow 2.5hp stationary tank cool engine, S/N 1393.
DMCSC_Sandow_2.5hp_SN_1393_Jon_RoseVink_001.JPG (111094 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_2.5hp_SN_1393_Jon_RoseVink_002.JPG (97930 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_2.5hp_SN_1393_Jon_RoseVink_003.JPG (88293 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_2.5hp_SN_1393_Jon_RoseVink_004.JPG (69666 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_2.5hp_SN_1393_Jon_RoseVink_005.JPG (62342 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_2.5hp_SN_1393_Jon_RoseVink_006.JPG (72912 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_2.5hp_SN_1393_Jon_RoseVink_007.JPG (27632 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_2.5hp_SN_1393_Jon_RoseVink_008.JPG (96133 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_2.5hp_SN_1393_Jon_RoseVink_009.JPG (80567 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_2.5hp_SN_1393_Jon_RoseVink_010.JPG (77392 bytes)
Owner: Jon Rosevink from Ohio.


DMCSC Sandow 2.5hp stationary tank cool engine.
DMCSC_Sandow_2.5hp_David_Babcock_002.JPG (135225 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_2.5hp_David_Babcock_001.JPG (154439 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_2.5hp_David_Babcock_003.JPG (148509 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_2.5hp_David_Babcock_004.JPG (137471 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_2.5hp_David_Babcock_005.JPG (132378 bytes)
Owner: David Babcock.




DMCSC Sandow 2 hp factory marine/stationary conversion engine.
DMCSC_Sandow_2hp_Marine_Stationary_Ebay_002.jpg (76230 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_2hp_Marine_Stationary_Ebay_001.jpg (82756 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_2hp_Marine_Stationary_Ebay_003.jpg (65595 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_2hp_Marine_Stationary_Ebay_004.jpg (61011 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_2hp_Marine_Stationary_Ebay_005.jpg (70762 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_2hp_Marine_Stationary_Ebay_006.jpg (48095 bytes)
DMCSC_Sandow_2hp_Marine_Stationary_Ebay_007.jpg (37424 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_2hp_Marine_Stationary_Ebay_008.jpg (67847 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_2hp_Marine_Stationary_Ebay_009.jpg (51439 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_2hp_Marine_Stationary_Ebay_010.jpg (53055 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_2hp_Marine_Stationary_Ebay_011.jpg (71604 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_2hp_Marine_Stationary_Ebay_012.jpg (69270 bytes)
Engine Sold on Ebay. Owner: Unknown.





DMCSC Sandow 4 hp factory marine/stationary conversion
DMCSC_Sandow_4hp_John_Davis_2018_1.JPG (123645 bytes)    DMCSC_Sandow_4hp_John_Davis_2018_2.JPG (136098 bytes)    DMCSC_Sandow_4hp_John_Davis_2018_3.JPG (112926 bytes)    DMCSC_Sandow_4hp_John_Davis_2018_4.JPG (140964 bytes)    DMCSC_Sandow_4hp_John_Davis_2018_5.JPG (124952 bytes)
Owner: John Davis from St. Cloud, Florida.


DMCSC  Sandow  2.5 hp
DMCSC_Sandow_2.5_Mark_Abner_001.jpg (67209 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_2.5_Mark_Abner_002.jpg (62583 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_2.5_Mark_Abner_003.jpg (64408 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_2.5_Mark_Abner_004.jpg (70213 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_2.5_Mark_Abner_005.jpg (43197 bytes)
Owner: Mark Abner from Louisville Kentucky.




DMCSC__stephen_upham_1.jpg (158129 bytes)
DMCSC__stephen_upham_2.jpg (138527 bytes) DMCSC__stephen_upham_3.JPG (333763 bytes) DMCSC__stephen_upham_4.jpg (271298 bytes) DMCSC__stephen_upham_5.jpg (238339 bytes) DMCSC__stephen_upham_6.jpg (263806 bytes)
DMCSC__stephen_upham_7.jpg (263346 bytes) DMCSC__stephen_upham_8.jpg (279566 bytes) DMCSC__stephen_upham_9.jpg (268027 bytes) DMCSC__stephen_upham_10.jpg (274716 bytes) DMCSC__stephen_upham_11.jpg (275903 bytes)
Owner: Stephen Upham from Whately, Massachusetts. New owner: John Davis St. Cloud, Florida.
Engine is a 6 hp with a 4-1/2" stroke, 17" diameter flywheel.


Sandow 4hp, Serial # 3352
DMCSC_SN3352_Loren_Etter_001.JPG (94311 bytes) DMCSC_SN3352_Loren_Etter_002.JPG (109125 bytes) DMCSC_SN3352_Loren_Etter_003.JPG (155390 bytes) DMCSC_SN3352_Loren_Etter_004.JPG (82670 bytes) DMCSC_SN3352_Loren_Etter_005.JPG (154005 bytes) DMCSC_SN3352_Loren_Etter_007.JPG (140301 bytes) DMCSC_SN3352_Loren_Etter_009.JPG (145861 bytes) DMCSC_SN3352_Loren_Etter_010.JPG (134651 bytes)
Owner: Loren Etter from Minnesota.  Original equipment including the paint and the clutch pulley option.


Serial # 2983
DMC_Sandow_Mark_McClenathan_001.jpg (114477 bytes)
DMC_Sandow_Mark_McClenathan_008.jpg (73365 bytes) DMC_Sandow_Mark_McClenathan_007.jpg (77001 bytes) DMC_Sandow_Mark_McClenathan_002.jpg (116077 bytes) DMC_Sandow_Mark_McClenathan_003.jpg (72402 bytes) DMC_Sandow_Mark_McClenathan_006.jpg (74833 bytes) 
Mark McClenathan & his son from Rockford, Illinois are the proud owners of this Sandow. 
Engine appears to have all it's original equipment and paint. Probably a 2.5 or 3hp.


Serial # 2189
 Sandow_8hp_SN2189_Valan_Vopat_02.jpg (109495 bytes) Sandow_8hp_SN2189_Valan_Vopat_03.jpg (131409 bytes) Sandow_8hp_SN2189_Valan_Vopat_05.jpg (191999 bytes) Sandow_8hp_SN2189_Valan_Vopat_04.jpg (166059 bytes) Sandow_8hp_SN2189_Valan_Vopat_01.jpg (116039 bytes) Sandow_8hp_SN2189_2189_Valan_Vopat_06.jpg (137038 bytes) Sandow_8hp_SN2189_2189_Valan_Vopat_07.jpg (95937 bytes)
DMCSC Sandow 8hp owned by Valan Vopat from Ellsworth, Kansas.  This engine was up for auction on Ebay September 20th 2008.   Serial number located on brass engine tag.


Serial # 2205

DMC_12hp_Greg_Berry_02.jpg (78993 bytes) DMC_12hp_twin_Greg_Berry_01.JPG (79182 bytes) DMC_12hp_Twin_Greg_Berry_03.jpg (76769 bytes) DMC_12hp_Twin_Greg_Berry_04.jpg (74961 bytes) DMC_12hp_Twin_Greg_Berry_05.jpg (6109 bytes)
DMCSC Sandow 12hp twin  cylinder owner Greg Berry from Bedford Indiana.
As you can see Greg is in the middle of restoring the engine.
I look forward to seeing more photos as the restoration continues. 





DMCSC_18hp_Ed_Rowland_3.jpg (76985 bytes) DMCSC_18hp_Ed_Rowland_1.jpg (52127 bytes) DMCSC_18hp_Ed_Rowland_2.jpg (40350 bytes) DMCSC_18hp_Ed_Rowland_4.jpg (110524 bytes)

DMCSC Sandow 18hp twin cylinder owner: Ed & Nick Rowland from New Washington Ohio.
Very nice 18hp twin with all the original linkage, oilers, etc..





Owner: John Davis from St. Cloud, Florida.  
DEW_18hp_J.C.Davis_01.JPG (53943 bytes) DEW_18hp_J.C.Davis_09.JPG (42735 bytes) DEW_18hp_J.C.Davis_12.JPG (33901 bytes) DEW_18hp_J.C.Davis_11.JPG (36252 bytes)  DEW_18hp_J.C.Davis_10.JPG (32008 bytes) DEW_18hp_J.C.Davis_13.JPG (30798 bytes) DEW_18hp_J.C.Davis_03.JPG (60291 bytes)
DEW_18hp_J.C.Davis_02.JPG (80979 bytes) DEW_18hp_J.C.Davis_08.JPG (46926 bytes) DEW_18hp_J.C.Davis_06.JPG (46385 bytes) DEW_18hp_J.C.Davis_07.JPG (31946 bytes) DEW_18hp_J.C.Davis_05.JPG (40438 bytes) DEW_18hp_J.C.Davis_04.JPG (36483 bytes)

DMCSC Sandow 18hp Twin with a 5-1/4 bore by 5 inch stroke, 22 inch Diameter flywheels & weighs in at 677 lbs.  Restoration has started, The two fuel feeders have been completely rebuilt including new cork floats.  Water injectors have also been rebuilt even though I don't plan on injecting water in to the cylinders. Engine had been hand painted red with a brush.

DEW_Acorn_Top_Fuel_Feeder_Injector_017A.JPG (2551557 bytes)
DEW_Acorn_Top_Fuel_Feeder_Injector_03A.JPG (445185 bytes) DEW_Acorn_Top_Fuel_Feeder_Injector_011A.JPG (599832 bytes) DEW_Acorn_Top_Fuel_Feeder_Injector_07A.JPG (39458 bytes) DEW_Acorn_Top_Fuel_Feeder_Injector_012A.JPG (61626 bytes) DEW_Water_Injectors.jpg (100807 bytes)


Work done as of May 11th, 2008
DEW_18hp_Twin_J.C.Davis_3.JPG (114273 bytes)
 DEW_18hp_Twin_J.C.Davis_4.JPG (147905 bytes) DEW_18hp_Twin_J.C.Davis.jpg (379322 bytes) DEW_18hp_Twin_J.C.Davis_1.JPG (162152 bytes) DEW_18hp_Twin_J.C.Davis_2.JPG (141712 bytes) DEW_18hp_Twin_J.C.Davis_6.JPG (371444 bytes) DEW_18hp_Twin_J.C.Davis_5.JPG (390266 bytes) 
DEW_18hp_Twin_J.C.Davis_8.JPG (278554 bytes) DEW_18hp_Twin_J.C.Davis_7.JPG (309394 bytes) DEW_18hp_Twin_J.C.Davis_14.JPG (70250 bytes) DEW_18hp_Twin_J.C.Davis_15.JPG (76186 bytes) DEW_18hp_Twin_J.C.Davis_18.JPG (76237 bytes) DEW_18hp_Twin_J.C.Davis_21.JPG (73924 bytes)
DEW_18hp_Twin_J.C.Davis_25.JPG (49246 bytes) DEW_18hp_Twin_J.C.Davis_24.JPG (61815 bytes) DEW_18hp_Twin_J.C.Davis_22.JPG (53601 bytes) DEW_18hp_Twin_J.C.Davis_23.JPG (58224 bytes) DEW_18hp_Twin_J.C.Davis_12.JPG (436615 bytes)
DEW_18hp_Twin_J.C.Davis_26.JPG (76980 bytes) DEW_18hp_Twin_J.C.Davis_27.JPG (58380 bytes) DEW_18hp_Twin_J.C.Davis_9.JPG (57885 bytes) DEW_18hp_Twin_J.C.Davis_10.JPG (79604 bytes)

Sand blasting done, Crank case has some porosity & casting slag normal for these old engines. Crankshaft has been ground & new centrifugal lubrication ring disk machined for lower con rod journals.  All new Babbitt bearings poured for the mains & lower con rods. Cylinders have been bored & new Clevite cast iron sleeves installed. Pistons grooves faced & resized with new rings. New wrist pins & bushings for piston & upper con rods.  This engine had been worked very hard in its time most everything was worn out. However it will be better then new when my Dad and I get finished with it. More photos to come soon.

Work done May 26, 2008
DEW_18hp_Twin_J.C.Davis_28.JPG (426037 bytes) DEW_18hp_Twin_J.C.Davis_29.JPG (622800 bytes) DEW_18hp_Twin_J.C.Davis_30.JPG (391217 bytes) DEW_18hp_Twin_J.C.Davis_31.JPG (633486 bytes) DEW_18hp_Twin_J.C.Davis_32.JPG (48448 bytes) DEW_18hp_Twin_J.C.Davis_33.JPG (421558 bytes) DEW_18hp_Twin_J.C.Davis_34.JPG (676736 bytes)

All the main parts of the engine have been rebuilt and assembled. The engine turns over really smooth & easy. A lot of attention was put into the alignment & machining of the main bearings also the alignment & machining of the connecting rod bearings. 

We are now working on the governor linkage for the air intake. New valve guides were made for the air intake manifold and valve stems were trued. The brass air intake valve lift regulator on top of the manifold had to have the center hole bushed & the pin trued. A new brass governor lever shoe had to be made the old one was worn out. Governor linkage appears to have one incorrect clevis & a few worn out holes & pins that need to be fixed also. The governor linkage & the mechanical parts on the air intake manifold must all work smooth and fairly easy in order for the engine to run correct. 

Photos taken June 26, 2008
DEW_18_hp_Twin_J.C.Davis_035.jpg (111662 bytes) DEW_18_hp_Twin_J.C.Davis_036.jpg (68160 bytes) DEW_18_hp_Twin_J.C.Davis_039.jpg (70115 bytes) DEW_18_hp_Twin_J.C.Davis_037.jpg (55183 bytes) DEW_18_hp_Twin_J.C.Davis_038.jpg (48917 bytes)
These photos were taken after we reworked the air intake governor linkage. The tie rod type ball
   joints are not original but they work excellent look good and make the linkage work so much easier  

Photos taken July 05, 2008

DEW_18_hp_Twin_J.C.Davis_040.jpg (38171 bytes) DEW_18hp_J.C.Davis_11S.JPG (72312 bytes) DEW_18_hp_Twin_J.C.Davis_042.jpg (64977 bytes) DEW_18_hp_Twin_J.C.Davis_04.jpg (52726 bytes)
Before and after photos of the mechanical lubricator.
Manufactured by Detroit Lubricator Company.
Photos taken Feb 22, 2009
DEW_18hp_Twin_J.C.Davis_043.jpg (70157 bytes) DEW_18hp_Twin_J.C.Davis_044.jpg (296465 bytes) DEW_18hp_Twin_J.C.Davis_045.jpg (346348 bytes)

I just finished machining and reproducing the muffler for the Detroit 18hp twin. I would have liked to have had an original Detroit muffler but they are more difficult to find then the engines. This is pretty much an exact copy of the original Detroit muffler including all the internal baffles & parts.

Photos taken June 18, 2009
DEW_18hp_Twin_J.C.DAVIS_047.JPG (246149 bytes) DEW_18hp_Twin_J.C.DAVIS_046.JPG (164573 bytes)  DEW_18hp_Twin_J.C.DAVIS_048.JPG (227403 bytes)




Kenneth Fish from New York reproduced the galvanized sheet metal water tank & fuel tank. As you can see Ken does excellent work.

Photos taken July 26 & August 02, 2009
DEW_18hp_Twin_J.C.DAVIS_049.JPG (191556 bytes) DEW_18hp_Twin_J.C.DAVIS_050.JPG (222206 bytes) DEW_18hp_Twin_J.C.DAVIS_051.JPG (179455 bytes) DEW_18hp_Twin_J.C.DAVIS_052.JPG (209761 bytes) DEW_18hp_Twin_J.C.DAVIS_053.JPG (189373 bytes)

Photos taken August 09, 2009
DEW_18hp_Twin_J.C.DAVIS_057.JPG (207249 bytes) DEW_18hp_Twin_J.C.DAVIS_058.JPG (213549 bytes) DEW_18hp_Twin_J.C.DAVIS_054.JPG (191863 bytes) DEW_18hp_Twin_J.C.DAVIS_055.JPG (213818 bytes) DEW_18hp_Twin_J.C.DAVIS_067.JPG (299113 bytes) DEW_18hp_Twin_J.C.DAVIS_061.JPG (195722 bytes) DEW_18hp_Twin_J.C.DAVIS_066.JPG (268268 bytes)  

Above are a few parts that I reproduced on my lathe and mill. Governor time collar with phenolic ring and contact. The old governor time collar had a cracked keyway and appeared to be broached on a angle.   Brass part is the governor lever shoe. The old one was worn half into. I also reproduced the timer lever arm, the old lever was just a rod with a wooden handle someone put on it.  

Detroit_Buzz_Coil_001.JPG (65341 bytes) Detroit_Buzz_Coil_002.JPG (34674 bytes) Detroit_Buzz_Coil_004.JPG (39386 bytes) Detroit_Buzz_Coil_003.JPG (24940 bytes)
Detroit buzz coils reproduced by John Regan (

DEW_18hp_Twin_J.C.DAVIS_065.JPG (188610 bytes) DEW_18hp_Twin_J.C.DAVIS_068.JPG (620968 bytes) DEW_18hp_Twin_J.C.DAVIS_069.JPG (360881 bytes)
I received the tanks on August 06, 2009 with no problems.

The engine is now complete, January - 2010,  YouTube video.



 Portland07033.jpg (293182 bytes)                                                                                                  Detroit_Sandow_Portland_2007.jpg (199659 bytes)
Owner Gary Conrad from Marengo Iowa.                   Owner unknown

These two photos were taken by  Peter & Rita Forbes' Engine Webpages  at the 2007 Portland Show. The engines are missing there brass name tags. The only indication that they might be DMCSC engines is the green paint.  I'm fairly sure that the engine on the left is not a Middleditch engine. Both engines have the early two peice  Peterson Automatic fuel feeder injectors manufactured Ben J. Middleditch . The engine on the left is being run by propane through the fuel reservoir.


Sandow_6hp_SN_12194_Robin_Lynn_01.jpg (172926 bytes) Sandow_6hp_SN_12194_Robin_Lynn_02.jpg (144868 bytes) Sandow_6hp_SN_12194_Robin_Lynn_03.JPG (124180 bytes) Sandow_6hp_SN_12194_Robin_Lynn_05.JPG (96772 bytes) Sandow_6hp_SN_12194_Robin_Lynn_06.JPG (44937 bytes)
DMCSC  Sandow 6hp


Sandow_Paul_Frassier_2.5hp.JPG (441691 bytes)
DMCSC  Sandow 2.5 hp, Owner: Paul Frassier.  
Article in Gas Engine Magazine  Dec/Jan 2007 issue.
Photo donated by Steve Barr.


DMC_4hp_Shrefflers_01.JPG (88603 bytes)
DMC_4hp_Shrefflers_02.JPG (36533 bytes) DMC_4hp_Shrefflers_04.JPG (33665 bytes) DMC_4hp_Shrefflers_08.JPG (43160 bytes) DMC_4hp_Shrefflers_09.JPG (46613 bytes) DMC_4hp_Shrefflers_07.JPG (55163 bytes) DMC_4hp_Shrefflers_03.JPG (37571 bytes)
Owners: Ray and Claudia Shreffler from Pennsylvania.
DMCSC   Sandow 4hp manufactured by Detroit Motor Car Supply Co.

This engine has all it's original equipment: Cooling tank with top cover, gas tank and stand, muffler and name tag. Notice the optional pulley attachment for the flywheel side of the engine in the last photo setting on the skid.

DMC_Portland.jpg (94020 bytes)
This photo was donated by Peter & Rita Forbes' Engine Webpages. Taken at Portland Show 2005.
I'm not sure who the owner is, this engine should have a one piece fuel injector.

DMCS_8hp_Mike_Dupuy_01.jpg (52490 bytes)
Sandow_DEW_02.JPG (56506 bytes) Sandow_DEW_03.JPG (53960 bytes) Sandow_DEW_04.JPG (62759 bytes)
DMCSC (Sandow) 8hp (Late model)  This engine is in need of a fuel injector & double drip oiler.
If anyone can help with the missing items please contact the owner 

Mike Dupuy, 1353 hwy 453 Marksville, Louisiana  71351.  
  Email:  Ph: 318-305-3977


  Sandow_8hp_Danny01.JPG (49929 bytes) Sandow_8hp_Danny02.JPG (23521 bytes) Sandow_8hp_Danny03.JPG (40309 bytes) Sandow_8hp_Danny04.JPG (41515 bytes)
Sandow_8hp_Danny06.JPG (37318 bytes) Sandow_8hp_Danny05.JPG (35243 bytes) Sandow_8hp_Danny07.JPG (38510 bytes)

DMCSC  (Sandow) 8 hp with late model governor system. This engine should have fuel injection and water injection system. A couple drops of water into the cylinder at each power stroke kept the engine from knocking when using kerosene. Owner: Danny Shields from Owingsville Kentucky. Danny is missing a few parts on the engine like the fuel feeder/injector, water/injector, drip oilers, can style muffler. The scan above from a original Sandow catalog shows what the missing items would look like.  If anyone can help with finding these parts so this engine can come to life once again  please e-mail us at :
This is another one of Danny's engines he acquired a Sandow 2.5 notice it has the early model one piece injector and has the original cast iron tank platform and tank. Very factory original engine except for the muffler.   Serial # stamped on top of cylinder.
Sandow_2_Danny_Shields.JPG (50355 bytes) Sandow_serial_Danny_Shields.JPG (39537 bytes) Sandow_03_Danny_Shields.JPG (53143 bytes) Sandow_01_Danny_Shields.JPG (55838 bytes) Sandow_4_Danny_Shields.JPG (64837 bytes) 
SandowDMC01.jpg (82054 bytes)
DMCSC  Sandow 2.5 hp Stationary engine, early model. 
Owner: Roger DiRuscio  from Fremont, Ca San Francisco bay area. 
   DMCSandow01.jpg (87897 bytes) DMCSandow02.jpg (62862 bytes) DMCSandow03.jpg (63406 bytes)
Owner:  Frank K. Jr from Hamburg PA.
DMCSC  Sandow 2.5  hp stationary engine. Notice the primer cup on the side of the fuel reservoir. This was a feature that DMCSC did on some of their later models so you could fill the fuel reservoir with gas when first starting the engine and not have to remove the cap every time.  They also put filler valve on the acorn nut on top of the reservoir. I've only seen this feature on DMCSC Sandow engines and literature.    
Sandow_Nick_Bettivey.jpg (114660 bytes)  DMCSandowMarine02.jpg (23796 bytes)  Sandow_Tag01.jpg (10820 bytes)  DMCSandowMarine01.jpg (35746 bytes)  DMCSandowMarine06.jpg (17792 bytes)  DMCSandowMarine05.jpg (14425 bytes)
Nick Bettivey with his Sandow Stationary or Marine engine?

                           Sandow_Dave_Clark02.jpg (12615 bytes) Sandow_Dave_Clark01.jpg (11763 bytes)                            
Sandow 2.5 hp Owner: Dave Clark in the Missouri Ozarks
DMC07.jpg (22766 bytes)  DMC06.jpg (28535 bytes)    DMC08.jpg (33077 bytes)  DMC09.jpg (36397 bytes) DMC14.JPG (30173 bytes) 
 DMC10.jpg (36608 bytes)  DMC11.jpg (34654 bytes)  DMC12.jpg (32594 bytes)  DMC13.jpg (32867 bytes) 
DMCSC  Sandow 2.5 hp Stationary engine & Generator.  Owner: Tom Schoolcraft from Petroleum West Virginia Very nice original Gen Set, Tom we would like to see photos of it when you finish restoring. Engine was sold.   Who is the new owner?