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This is the only Sandow I have seen with the round phenolic ring used for the advance timer contact points.



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DMCSC Sandow 4hp, Owner Gary Kmiecik from Wisconsin.

This is just how the engine was when gary purchased it, notice the oil line for the
lower end connecting rod is connected to the mixer and not a oiler. Not a good idea.



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DMCSC Sandow 2.5hp

The fuel reservoir and injector is missing on this engine and someone has
 put the check valve throttle body in its place. The check valve throttle body
 should be on the opposite side of the cylinder down on the crank case.


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Low pressure fuel reservoir-injectors, carburetors and mixers
 that were used on DMCSC marine engine's per original literature. 

The two piece Automatic fuel feeder-injector (patent # 926,892) was designed by John Peterson and Frederick O. Peterson patented on July 6, 1909 manufactured by Ben J. MiddleDitch for Detroit Engine Works. It appears that this fuel injector was produced a number of years before being patented  in 1909.  A Detroit  engine catalog dated 1907,1908 shows this same fuel feeder-injector with a different style ribbed fuel reservoir cap, see photo's below.  

Sources = (1907-1908 Engine Catalog), (U.S. Patent # 926,892), (1909 Engine Catalog), (Bulletin No III Jan 1st 1912), (Bulletin No III part 3 Nov 1st 1914), (1915 Engine Catalog), (Information embossed on Peterson fuel feeders).

Detroit_Fuel_Reservoir01.JPG (24567 bytes) Detroit_Fuel_Reservoir02.JPG (25891 bytes) Detroit_Fuel_Reservoir_Early_Cap.JPG (32977 bytes) Detroit_Fuel_Reservoir_Cap01.JPG (34257 bytes) Detroit_Fuel_Reservoir_Cap02.JPG (22571 bytes) Detroit_Fuel_Reservoir03.JPG (28906 bytes) Detroit_Fuel_Reservoir04.JPG (25026 bytes)
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Detroit_Fuel_Reservoir_Check_Valve_01.JPG (12187 bytes) Detroit_Fuel_Reservoir_Check_Valve_02.JPG (17284 bytes) Detroit_Fuel_Reservoir_Check_Valve_03.JPG (14261 bytes) Detroit_Injector_Valve02.JPG (12094 bytes) Detroit_Injector_Valve03.JPG (16938 bytes) Detroit_Injector_Needle_Valve.JPG (10243 bytes)
Detroit_Float_Needle_Check_ball.JPG (6194 bytes)  Detroit_2_Piece_Fuel_Reservoir_Injector01.JPG (27450 bytes)


The one piece fuel feeder-Injector (patent # 1,026,425) was designed by Frederick Barthel and patented May 14, 1912 manufactured by Detroit Engine Works.  There were 3 styles of this one piece fuel feeder/Injector produced. They are listed below in the order in which they were produced.

1st style had a flat top with a U shaped tube on the top.
2nd style had a flat top with hex cast on the top. 
3rd style had a Acorn hex on the top.  

Sources =
(U.S,Patent # 1,026,425), (Bulletin No III Jan 1st 1912), (Bulletin No III part 3 Nov 1st 1914), (1915 Engine Catalog), (1912 Detroit Marine operating instructions).

Tube_Top_Fuel_Feeder_Injector.JPG (33532 bytes) Detroit_Tube_Top_Fuel_Reservoir_Injector01.jpg (60272 bytes)          Flat_Hex_Top_Fuel_Feeder_Injector.JPG (50359 bytes) Detroit_Fuel_Reservoir_Injector03.JPG (146442 bytes)          Acorn_Top_Fuel_Feeder_Injector.JPG (96266 bytes) Acorn_Fuel_Reservoir_Injector01.JPG (37857 bytes)


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DMC_Sandow_Throttle_Valve_02.JPG (137226 bytes)      DMC_Sandow_Throttle_Valve_01.JPG (130584 bytes)
DMC Automatic Throttling Valve.

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Mixers that were used on Sandow's.

Sandow_Cut_Away_View01.JPG (86271 bytes) DMC_Air_Intake_Valve_01.JPG (112774 bytes) DMC_Air_Intake_Valve_02.JPG (111298 bytes) DMC_Air_Intake_Valve_03.JPG (106693 bytes) DMC_Air_Intake_Valve_04.JPG (84953 bytes) DMC_Air_Intake_Valve_05.JPG (107700 bytes)

Sectional view of DMCSC engine & fuel feeder-injector with a non-return air-intake valve.
Photos of non-return valve donated by the guys from  website.