Detroit Motor Car Supply Company

Sandow Stationary Hopper Cooled Engines.
Manufactured from 1911 to 1920 only in three sizes 2.5, 4 & 6 horse power.

These engines were very different compared to other farm engines of their time due to the very unusual looking spittoon style water hopper and the fact that the engine is a two stroke low pressure fuel injected engine that could run on multiple fuels such as Gasoline, Kerosene (Coal Oil), Alcohol, Naptha, Distillate and no change in equipment was necessary to change from one fuel to another unless you wanted to run natural or artificial gas then a regulator adapter was available as a extra option you could purchase from the DMCSC factory. A Detroit Motor Car Supply Company advertisement claimed that their engines could start and run on most all fuels and in any climate including 40 degrees below zero temperatures. These two stroke engines are capable of changing the direction of running on the go with out stopping the engine using a timer lever and turning the ignition off & on at the proper moment.


DMCSC Sandow 4hp, Serial # R-458, Owner: Kenny Kruse from
Hartington Nebraska.



DMCSC Sandow 4hp, S/N-?  Owner: Ed Litzsinger, From ?



Serial # Q-20 stamped on O.D. of flywheel.
DMC_Sandow_John_Davis_01.JPG (57040 bytes)
DMC_Sandow_John_Davis_02.JPG (58397 bytes) DMC_Sandow_John_Davis_03.JPG (59374 bytes) DMC_Sandow_John_Davis_04.JPG (53541 bytes) DMC_Sandow_John_Davis_05.JPG (62397 bytes) DMC_Sandow_John_Davis_06.JPG (58941 bytes) DMC_Sandow_John_Davis_07.JPG (41332 bytes) DMC_Sandow_John_Davis_08.JPG (47214 bytes)   
DMC_Sandow_John_Davis_011.JPG (66665 bytes) DMC_Sandow_John_Davis_09.JPG (62536 bytes) DMC_Sandow_John_Davis_013.JPG (42223 bytes) DMC_Sandow_John_Davis_010.JPG (45681 bytes) Florida_Flywheelers_2010_ (1).JPG (1125432 bytes)  
DMCSC  Sandow 2.5 hp.   Owner John Davis from Saint Cloud Florida.

Serial # Q-55 stamped on O.D. of flywheel.

DMCSC  Sandow 4 hp. Owner John Davis from Saint Cloud Florida.

Serial # Q-163 stamped on O.D. of flywheel.
DMCS_2.5hp_Q-163_Darrell_Alberta_Canada_01.jpg (239985 bytes) DMCS_2.5hp_Q-163_Darrell_Alberta_Canada_02.jpg (232078 bytes) DMCS_2.5hp_Q-163_Darrell_Alberta_Canada_03.jpg (221557 bytes) DMCS_2.5hp_Q-163_Darrell_Alberta_Canada_05.jpg (110483 bytes) DMCS_2.5hp_Q-163_Darrell_Alberta_Canada_09.jpg (104432 bytes) DMCS_2.5hp_Q-163_Darrell_Alberta_Canada_04.jpg (223362 bytes) DMCS_2.5hp_Q-163_Darrell_Alberta_Canada_010.jpg (239275 bytes) DMCS_2.5hp_Q-163_Darrell_Alberta_Canada_08.jpg (61674 bytes)

DMCSC Sandow 2.5 hp. Owner: Joe Mosley from Omaha Nebraska.


Serial # Q-310 stamped on O.D. of flywheel.
DMCSC_Sandow_2.5hp_John_Sams_1m.jpg (244192 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_2.5hp_John_Sams_2m.jpg (209442 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_2.5hp_John_Sams_3m.jpg (259844 bytes)
DMCSC  Sandow 2.5 hp. Owner John Davis from Saint Cloud Florida.

Serial # Q-454 stamped on O.D. of flywheel.
DMCSC_Sandow__15.JPG (94034 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow__1.JPG (107659 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow__3.JPG (115658 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow__4.JPG (102551 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow__5.JPG (95701 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow__8.JPG (104302 bytes)  

Restoration photos below.
DMCSC_Sandow__9.JPG (63912 bytes)
DMCSC_Sandow__10.JPG (87562 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow__11.JPG (116230 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow__12.JPG (122717 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow__13.JPG (113702 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow__14.JPG (141870 bytes)
DMCSC  Sandow 2.5hp. Owner/restorer Max Leggett from Australia.

Serial # Q-516 stamped on O.D. of flywheel.
DMCSC_Sandow_2_5hp_Heller_Davis_001.JPG (548075 bytes)
DMCSC_Sandow_2_5hp_Heller_Davis_002.JPG (533099 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_2_5hp_Heller_Davis_003.JPG (596179 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_2_5hp_Heller_Davis_004.JPG (35251 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_2_5hp_Heller_Davis_005.JPG (118599 bytes)
Before restoration photo's.

After restoration photo's. 
DMCSC_Sandow_2_5hp_Heller_Davis_006.JPG (418159 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_2_5hp_Heller_Davis_007.JPG (553585 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_2_5hp_Heller_Davis_008.JPG (390549 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_2_5hp_Heller_Davis_015.JPG (47971 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_2_5hp_Heller_Davis_011.JPG (40053 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_2_5hp_Heller_Davis_010.JPG (37035 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_2_5hp_Heller_Davis_009.JPG (38037 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_2_5hp_Heller_Davis_013.JPG (41360 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_2_5hp_Heller_Davis_014.JPG (40369 bytes)

DMCSC Sandow 2.5hp. Owner/restorer Heller Davis from Loughman, Florida.


Serial # Q-533 stamped on O.D. of flywheel.
Florida_Flywheelers_Jan_2008_ (1A).JPG (1231131 bytes) Florida_Flywheelers_Jan_2008_ (2).JPG (938293 bytes) Florida_Flywheelers_Jan_2008_ (3).JPG (995671 bytes) Florida_Flywheelers_Jan_2008_ (4).JPG (1046120 bytes) Florida_Flywheelers_Jan_2008_ (5).JPG (923874 bytes) Florida_Flywheelers_Jan_2008_ (6).JPG (900992 bytes)  
This DMCSC  Sandow 2.5 hp was at the Jan & Feb 2008 Florida FlyWheelers show.
Owner: Blane Clarida from Rockford Illinois. Engine purchased in Canada.


 Serial # Q-556 stamped on O.D. of flywheel.
Sandow_Jims01.jpg (28191 bytes)
    Sandow_2.5hp_Hopper_Cooled_Jim_Scott_01.JPG (107850 bytes)    Sandow_2.5hp_Hopper_Cooled_Jim_Scott_02.JPG (166543 bytes)    Sandow_Jims02.jpg (38729 bytes)     Sandow_Jims03.jpg (43458 bytes)
DMCSC  Sandow  2.5 hp.  Owner/restorer James Scott from AbbotsFord British Columbia, Canada.

Serial # Q-568 stamped on O.D. of flywheel.
DMCSC_Sandow_2.5_hp_AL_Matheson_001.jpg (167490 bytes)
DMCSC_Sandow_2.5_hp_AL_Matheson_005m.jpg (44915 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_2.5_hp_AL_Matheson_004m.jpg (123538 bytes)
DMCSC Sandow 2.5 hp. Owner Al Matheson from Cedar City Utah.

I believe the round cast cap is actually from a McCormick deering engine and someone has adapted to the water hopper to keep water from splashing out. The float with the wire attached indicates when water needs to be added.  


Serial # Q-611 stamped on O.D. of flywheel.
DMCSC_2.5hp_Metamora_Ind_02.JPG (48794 bytes)
  DMCSC_2.5hp_Metamora_Ind_2007_01.JPG (70600 bytes)  DMCSC_2.5hp_hopper_Muffler_Metamora_Ind_01.JPG (12506 bytes)  DMCSC_2.5hp_Muffler_Metamora_Ind_02.JPG (9707 bytes)
DMCSC Sandow 2.5 hp. Owner: unkown,  photo taken at Metamora Indiana 2007.
This is the original muffler for this engine they are very difficult to find.


Serial # ?
 Sandow_2.5_William_Schaller_03.JPG (238104 bytes)  Sandow_2.5_William_Schaller_01.JPG (274288 bytes)  Sandow_2.5_William_Schaller_02.JPG (282823 bytes) Sandow_2.5_William_Schaller_05.JPG (164601 bytes)  Sandow_Hopper_Cooled_2.5hp_01.jpg (36858 bytes) Sandow_2.5_William_Schaller_04.JPG (264507 bytes) Sandow_Hopper_Cooled_2.5hp_02.jpg (35106 bytes) Sandow_2.5_William_Schaller_06.JPG (325564 bytes)
DMCSC  Sandow  2.5 hp.  Owner William Schaller from Minnesota.


Serial # ?
DMCSC_Sandow_4hp_Bill_Schaller_001.jpg (116697 bytes)
DMCSC_Sandow_4hp_Bill_Schaller_002m.jpg (56328 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_4hp_Bill_Schaller_003.jpg (93754 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_4hp_Bill_Schaller_004.jpg (57131 bytes)
DMCSC  Sandow  4 hp.  Owner William Schaller from Minnesota.

Serial # ?
Sandow_4_hp_hopper_cooled_001A.jpg (224329 bytes)
Sandow_4_hp_hopper_cooled_002A.jpg (138806 bytes) Sandow_4_hp_hopper_cooled_003A.jpg (260225 bytes) Sandow_4_hp_hopper_cooled_004A.jpg (221508 bytes)
Sandow_4_hp_hopper_cooled_005A.jpg (198573 bytes) Sandow_4_hp_hopper_cooled_006A.jpg (241408 bytes) Sandow_4_hp_hopper_cooled_007A.jpg (266252 bytes)
DMCSC  Sandow  4 hp.  Owner ?

Serial # ?
DMCSC_Sandow_4hp_LiveAuction_001.jpg (69932 bytes)
DMCSC_Sandow_4hp_LiveAuction_002.jpg (59271 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_4hp_LiveAuction_003.jpg (62704 bytes)
DMCSC Sandow 4hp sold on Live Auction, owner unkown. This Sandow is missing original
 flywheel, governor system, fuel reservoir/injector, air-intake valve & muffler. It has a flywheel
 from a compressor on it and a home made mixer where the air-intake valve would normally go.


Serial #'s ?
DMCSC_Sandow_4hp_Hop_Cool_Chuck_Yarbro_Auction_950_2016_001.jpg (67041 bytes)
DMCSC_Sandow_4hp_Hop_Cool_Chuck_Yarbro_Auction_950_2016_002.jpg (52306 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_4hp_Hop_Cool_Chuck_Yarbro_Auction_950_2016_003.jpg (71674 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_4hp_Hop_Cool_Chuck_Yarbro_Auction_950_2016_004.jpg (67654 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_4hp_Hop_Cool_Chuck_Yarbro_Auction_950_2016_005.jpg (67792 bytes)

This 4hp Sandow sold at an estate sale in 2016, Chuck Yarbro Auction. Not sure who the new owner is.


Serial # ?
  DMCSC_Sandow_2.5hp_Hopper_Cool_Franklin_ILL_2009_Steve_Barr_003.jpg (179504 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_2.5hp_Hopper_Cool_Franklin_ILL_2009_Steve_Barr_001.jpg (290407 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_2.5hp_Hopper_Cool_Franklin_ILL_2009_Steve_Barr_002.jpg (290823 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_2.5hp_Hopper_Cool_001m.jpg (207598 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_2.5hp_Hopper_Cool_002m.jpg (63177 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_2.5hp_Hopper_Cool_003m.jpg (220929 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_2.5hp_Hopper_Cool_004m.jpg (176245 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_2.5hp_Hopper_Cool_006m.jpg (113496 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_2.5hp_Hopper_Cool_007m.jpg (135286 bytes)
DMCSC  Sandow  2.5 hp.

Photos were taken by Steve Barr  Steve's Engine Shanty  at the Sandwich Early Day Engine Club Show 
in Sandwich, IL - 2007 and the Franklin Grove, IL show 2008 of two different engines.


Serial # ?
DMCSC_Sandow_2.5hp_001.jpg (154435 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_2.5hp_002.jpg (143794 bytes)
DMCSC  Sandow 2.5 hp.  Owner: Bill Winkler.

These two photos were taken by Travis Benner at Jason Dahm's Halloween show in Belgium Wisconsin. Nice original looking engine.


Serial # unknown.
DMCSC_Sandow_Ebay_Nov_2014_002.JPG (261780 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_Ebay_Nov_2014_001.JPG (274927 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_Ebay_Nov_2014_004.JPG (262712 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_Ebay_Nov_2014_003.JPG (280252 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_Ebay_Nov_2014_005.JPG (110162 bytes)
DMCSC  Sandow 2.5hp was sold on Ebay & located in Hampton, New Jersey.


Serial # ?
DMCSC_Sandow_4hp_Ebay_August_5_2018_001m.jpg (160205 bytes)
DMCSC_Sandow_4hp_Ebay_August_5_2018_002m.jpg (120675 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_4hp_Ebay_August_5_2018_003m.jpg (129864 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_4hp_Ebay_August_5_2018_004m.jpg (120494 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_4hp_Ebay_August_5_2018_005m.jpg (108621 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_4hp_Ebay_August_5_2018_006m.jpg (108562 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_4hp_Ebay_August_5_2018_007m.jpg (136573 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_4hp_Ebay_August_5_2018_008m.jpg (179844 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_4hp_Ebay_August_5_2018_009m.jpg (143547 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_4hp_Ebay_August_5_2018_010m.jpg (122867 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_4hp_Ebay_August_5_2018_011m.jpg (158642 bytes) DMCSC_Sandow_4hp_Ebay_August_5_2018_012m.jpg (132178 bytes)
DMCSC  Sandow 4 hp was sold on Ebay out of Rockford Illinois August, 2018, sold for $1,375.00 plus shipping cost.


Serial # ?
DMCS_Sandow_2.5hp_Dave_Cloutier_003.JPG (104774 bytes)
DMCS_Sandow_2.5hp_Dave_Cloutier_002.JPG (104061 bytes) DMCS_Sandow_2.5hp_Dave_Cloutier_001.JPG (78935 bytes) DMCS_Sandow_2.5hp_Dave_Cloutier_004.JPG (105097 bytes)
DMCSC  Sandow 2.5hp, Owner Dave Cloutier.


The photo above was scanned from a December 1966 Engineers and Engines Magazine. Photo courtesy of the Henry Ford Museum, Dearborn, Michigan.  The three gentleman in the photo are Pat Bennet (Grandfather), Bill McKenzie Sr. (Father) and cousin Mike Harwick from Belleville Michigan in Sumpter Township. Pat Bennet and Bill McKenzie Sr. were members of the Early Engine Club in Greenfield Village Michigan. Unfortunately all three have passed away. I recently received a email and a couple photo's from Bill McKenzie Jr. who still has his grandfather and fathers Sandow engine (Photos below). Bill thank you for contacting us and sending the photo's. What a great piece of history to have to honor your grandfather, father & cousin.



Home built tractor with a DMCS  Sandow hopper cooled engine. The DMCS catalogs shows that these hopper cooled engines were built in sizes 2.5, 4, 6 hp. The engine above appears to be a 6 hp.

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