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Two Stroke Stationary Photo's.

* NOTICE*       Some of the engines on this page may not be using the original engine
     parts per factory spec's such as carburetors, fuel reservoirs/injectors, Exhaust, Etc...


DEW early style 8 hp, S/N 6

Owner: Mike Osich from Boise, Idaho.




Owner: Don Warrington from Rising Sun, Maryland. 
DEW_2_5hp_SN1240_Don_Warrington_1.JPG (84731 bytes) DEW_2_5hp_SN1240_Don_Warrington_3.JPG (88184 bytes) DEW_2_5hp_SN1240_Don_Warrington_12.JPG (45298 bytes) DEW_2_5hp_SN1240_Don_Warrington_(13).JPG (2458633 bytes) DEW_2_5hp_SN1240_Don_Warrington_(4).JPG (2667699 bytes) DEW_2_5hp_SN1240_Don_Warrington_(2).JPG (2460166 bytes)
DEW_2_5hp_SN1240_Don_Warrington_7.JPG (41658 bytes) DEW_2_5hp_SN1240_Don_Warrington_6.JPG (37101 bytes) DEW_2_5hp_SN1240_Don_Warrington_5.JPG (40033 bytes) DEW_2_5hp_SN1240_Don_Warrington_8.JPG (41160 bytes) DEW_2_5hp_SN1240_Don_Warrington_9.JPG (42377 bytes) DEW_2_5hp_SN1240_Don_Warrington_11.JPG (40295 bytes)
2.5 hp, Serial # 1240

Very complete all original DEW engine. Don't find them to much anymore with the original wood skids, water tank,  fuel tank & muffler & clutch pulley.



Owner: Mike Shaffer from ?    Hp?
Mike_Shaffer_DEW_003.JPG (103216 bytes) Mike_Shaffer_DEW_002.JPG (114421 bytes) Mike_Shaffer_DEW_001.JPG (105480 bytes)

This DEW engine has something that is very rare, The air-intake valve has a natural gas needle valve and attachment built into it. This was a option you would pay extra for from the factory and very few engines exist that had this option. 



Live_Auctioneer_135_Dollars_002.jpg (69484 bytes)
Live_Auctioneer_135_Dollars_003.jpg (43044 bytes) Live_Auctioneer_135_Dollars_001.jpg (51206 bytes)

Here's a little Detroit in a box that sold on the Live Auctioneer's website a few years back for $135 dollars. No it was not me that got the good deal , I was to late.


S/N 2139
DEW_2hp_Carl_Dahm_s_1.jpg (244235 bytes) DEW_2hp_Carl_Dahm_s_2.jpg (227366 bytes) DEW_2hp_Carl_Dahm_s_3.jpg (220238 bytes) DEW_2hp_Carl_Dahm_s_4.jpg (215644 bytes)

This is the most original Detroit stationary engine on this website. Water tank, fuel tank, tin muffler, original paint, wood skids & box never seem to last the elements. These are all in great shape to be over a 100 years old. The only thing missing on this engine is the pulley.  Owner: Arnie Fero, from New Kensington, PA.




S/N 187
 DEW_Marine_Conversion_SN_187_Jim_Parrot_2.jpg (38461 bytes) DEW_Marine_Conversion_SN_187_Jim_Parrot_5.JPG (79656 bytes) DEW_Marine_Conversion_SN_187_Jim_Parrot_1.jpg (53551 bytes) DEW_Marine_Conversion_SN_187_Jim_Parrot_4.jpg (96551 bytes) DEW_Marine_Conversion_SN_187_Jim_Parrot_3.jpg (39881 bytes)
Detroit Marine/Stationary 4 hp factory conversion engine
Owner: Jim Parrot from Houma Louisiana.


DEW_Stationary_Farm_Russ_Hall_002.JPG (65942 bytes)
DEW_Stationary_Farm_Russ_Hall_001.JPG (77926 bytes)

Detroit Stationary Farm engine with a London Detroit Engine Works tag. This style of engine may have been manufactured by the Detroit Motor Car Supply Company branch and then retagged. Previous owner: Russ Hall from the United Kingdom. New owner: Michael Leath Whoom from the United Kingdom.




DMC01.jpg (38133 bytes) DMC02.jpg (34268 bytes) DMC03.jpg (25868 bytes) DMC04.jpg (24417 bytes) PeterDMCtag.jpg (39466 bytes) DEWFuelfeeder-injector.jpg (67906 bytes) DEWAirinletValve.jpg (17719 bytes)

Detroit 2.5 hp Stationary farm engine with a London Detroit Engine Works tag. This style of engine may have been manufactured by the Detroit Motor Car Supply Company branch and then retagged. Owner:  Peter Miller from Wexford, Ireland. 




DEW_Ed_Brett_16.jpg (611836 bytes) DEW_Ed_Brett_07.jpg (738681 bytes)
Very nice looking Detroit, Owner: Ed Brett.
horse power ? See more photos click below.



Detroit Engine Works
  DEW_Reese_Groshong_001.jpg (137803 bytes) DEW_Reese_Groshong_002.jpg (165132 bytes) DEW_Reese_Groshong_003.jpg (148716 bytes)
Owner: Reese Groshong




Florida_Flywheelers_Jan_2008_ (56A).JPG (339528 bytes)
Florida_Flywheelers_Jan_2008_ (57A).JPG (259234 bytes)
This engine was at the January 2008 Florida Flywheelers show.


Detroit_2hp_SN1428_Ebay_01.JPG (241448 bytes) Detroit_2hp_SN1428_Ebay_02.JPG (105013 bytes) Detroit_2hp_SN1428_Ebay_03.JPG (116953 bytes) Detroit_2hp_SN1428_Ebay_04.JPG (129510 bytes) Detroit_2hp_SN1428_Ebay_09.JPG (114117 bytes)
Detroit_2hp_SN1428_Ebay_08.JPG (128692 bytes) Detroit_2hp_SN1428_Ebay_06.JPG (121039 bytes) Detroit_2hp_SN1428_Ebay_07.JPG (118650 bytes) Detroit_2hp_SN1428_Ebay_010.JPG (105718 bytes)
The 2hp Detroit above was on EBay May 2007. Looks to be a very complete
 and original late model engine.


Detroit_Rotigal.JPG (102653 bytes)

This engine was at the Pioneer Park Days 2006 show in Zolfo Springs Florida.
Not sure who the owner is. (Dave Rotigel shot the photo).


 Florida_FlyWheelers_Jan_2007_1A.JPG (37012 bytes) Florida_FlyWheelers_Jan_2007_6A.JPG (38514 bytes) Florida_FlyWheelers_Jan_2007_7A.JPG (37289 bytes) Florida_FlyWheelers_Jan_2007_8A.JPG (31927 bytes) Florida_FlyWheelers_Jan_2007_2A.JPG (30588 bytes) Florida_FlyWheelers_Jan_2007_3A.JPG (30829 bytes)   

Florida_FlyWheelers_Jan_2007_4A.JPG (49015 bytes) Florida_FlyWheelers_Jan_2007_5A.JPG (52193 bytes) Florida_FlyWheelers_Jan_2007_9A.JPG (40142 bytes)

5hp Detroit at the Florida Flywheeler's Swap Meet in Jan-2007. another very original
late model Detroit engine.  Owner: John Scheatz from Wisconsin 
(Photos by John Davis).




Detroit_2hp_Ebay01.JPG (34366 bytes) Detroit_2hp_Ebay02.JPG (34879 bytes) DEW_2hp_sn34_Ron_Rice_03.JPG (123416 bytes) Detroit_2hp_Ebay03.JPG (35323 bytes) 
Detroit_2hp_Ebay04.JPG (25351 bytes)
DEW_2hp_sn34_Ron_Rice_01.JPG (186878 bytes) DEW_2hp_sn34_Ron_Rice_04.JPG (195648 bytes) DEW_2hp_sn34_Ron_Rice_02.JPG (179799 bytes)
Detroit Engine Works 2hp)

Owner: Ron Rice from Laura, Ohio. Very original and complete engine.
This engine is for sale in our classifieds section.


  HD_Detroit01.JPG (236182 bytes) HD_Detroit02.JPG (210159 bytes) HD_Detroit03.JPG (209376 bytes) HD_Detroit04.JPG (236918 bytes) HD_Detroit05.JPG (248834 bytes) HD_Detroit06.JPG (120171 bytes) Florida_Flywheelers_2010__6.JPG (262268 bytes)
  (Detroit Engine Works 2.5 hp)

Owner: Heller Davis from Davenport, Florida.  My Dad found this engine in Lake Alfred Florida. The City of Lake Alfred used the engine to run a water pump that pumped water up to the cities water tower. Engine was manufactured in Detroit Michigan sometime between 1905-1910.  This engine has the serial number (107) stamped on the face of the flywheel. See the Detroit literature pages for locations of serial numbers.  One of the first low pressure fuel injection engines made. 
Sold new for $147.00 in (1908).  Restored by Heller Davis.


   Detroit09UR.JPG (116259 bytes) Detroit06UR.jpg (71451 bytes) Detroit02RS.jpg (38511 bytes) Detroit08UR.jpg (38138 bytes) DEW2Cycle01.jpg (59031 bytes)  Unknown_Detroit_Engine-1.JPG (170881 bytes) Detroit01_Portland_2003.jpg (33879 bytes) Detroit10.jpg (38359 bytes)

      (Not sure who the owner's of these engine's are?  If you know please e-mail me)



DEW_John_Bullock05.JPG (49806 bytes)   DEW_John_Bullock01.JPG (206751 bytes)   DEW_John_Bullock02.JPG (297270 bytes)   DEW_John_Bullock03.JPG (163410 bytes)   DEW_John_Bullock04.JPG (226256 bytes)

DEW 2.5hp Owner: John Bullock from Trowbridge, Wiltshire, England.

DEW_John_Bullock_06.JPG (203413 bytes) DEW_John_Bullock_09.JPG (241378 bytes) DEW_John_Bullock_07.JPG (221580 bytes) DEW_John_Bullock_010.JPG (207224 bytes)
This engine was missing the fuel reservoir and advance-retard timing lever.
John has now reproduced these items and has the engine restored and running.


Detroit_tn.jpg (72755 bytes)    Detroit_Smitherman_02.JPG (125208 bytes)    Detroit_Smitherman_01.JPG (145284 bytes)                          
            Owner:  James E. Smitherman  from Clanton,  Alabama.   


Detroit_6hp.jpg (73471 bytes)

Note: Oilers are not in the correct ports. 

                                Owner:  Unknown            



Detroit_3_Dean_Suhr.JPG (156970 bytes)
3 hp Detroit

Owner: D. Dean Suhr from
Catalina, Arizona


Tom_Buchanan_Detroit01.jpg (744557 bytes)
   2hp Detroit
  Owner: Tom Buchanan from Indiana P.A, 

Very original engine, skids, box and tank.


Detroit_3hp_Arnie_Fero.jpg (52511 bytes)

Detroit 3hp, Owner: Arnie Fero from Pittsburg, PA. The two single oilers on this engine appear to be original along with the wood skids and box. Original Detroit literature show that the the two single oilers were on the very early model engines before they come out with the one piece duel oiler. Also the cast iron governor arm and the wooden battery box is a sign of a early built engine. Later model engines had thin stamped out steal governor arms and no wooden battery box.


Bruce_Burgess_Detroit01.JPG (182842 bytes)  Bruce_Burgess_Detroit02.JPG (173866 bytes)  Bruce_Burgess_Detroit03.JPG (169691 bytes)  Bruce_Burgess_Detroit04.JPG (168472 bytes)  

Bruce_Burgess_Detroit05.JPG (62656 bytes)  Bruce_Burgess_Detroit06.JPG (170987 bytes)  Bruce_Burgess_Detroit07.JPG (167423 bytes)  Bruce_Burgess_Detroit08.JPG (150428 bytes)
Jan 04, 2006

The owner of this 3 hp Detroit above is Bruce Burgess from Nelson British Columbia in Canada.
 Disassembling and restoration has started. This is a early model engine.
I received a email and the photos below from Bruce and he has informed me that he has 
started back to work on his Detroit and plans to work on it through the winter.

Oct 25, 2006
DEW_3hp_Piston_01.JPG (806740 bytes) DEW_3hp_Piston_02.JPG (742243 bytes)  DEW_3hp_Con_Rod_03.JPG (25673 bytes)  DEW_3hp_CrankShaft_Oil_Ring_04.JPG (28437 bytes)
DEW_3hp_Timing_Lever_06.JPG (22415 bytes) DEW_3hp_CrankShaft_Timing_Collar_05.JPG (24836 bytes) Bruce_Burgess_Detroit08.JPG (226749 bytes) Timer_Lever_Controller_01.JPG (41090 bytes)

Oct 26, 2006 
Bruce_Burgess_Detroit11.JPG (31058 bytes)  Bruce_Burgess_Detroit12.JPG (27001 bytes)  Bruce_Burgess_Detroit13.JPG (25996 bytes)  Bruce_Burgess_Detroit15.JPG (25660 bytes)  Bruce_Burgess_Detroit16.JPG (27122 bytes) Bruce_Burgess_Detroit23.JPG (15972 bytes)

Nov 05, 2006
Machining valve seat

 Bruce_Burgess_Detroit_3hp_31.JPG (167057 bytes)  Bruce_Burgess_Detroit09.JPG (181772 bytes)  Bruce_Burgess_Detroit10.JPG (177969 bytes)  DEW_Air_Intake_Valve_Bruce01.JPG (220034 bytes) 

Dec 08, 2006
Bruce_Burgess_Detroit19.JPG (235319 bytes)  Bruce_Burgess_Detroit18.JPG (24927 bytes)  Bruce_Burgess_Detroit21.JPG (230932 bytes)

March 11, 2007
Start up Day
Bruce_Burgess_Detroit_3hp_26.JPG (223000 bytes)  Bruce_Burgess_Detroit_3hp_25.JPG (220569 bytes)  Bruce_Burgess_Detroit_3hp_30.JPG (228458 bytes) Bruce_Burgess_Detroit_3hp_32.JPG (225687 bytes)

Restoration completed May 21, 2007
Bruce_Burgess_Detroit_3hp_033.JPG (27417 bytes)

Bruce, Thanks for keeping us updated through out the restoration of your engine.
I'm sure that these photos will help other collectors/restorers with their restorations.




  Owner:  John Davis from St. Cloud, Florida.
  Detroit02.jpg (113066 bytes)  Detroit51.jpg (55949 bytes)  Detroit52.jpg (87611 bytes)  Detroit04.jpg (18406 bytes)  Detroit50.jpg (39623 bytes) Florida_Flywheelers_2010__3.JPG (232696 bytes)

  JCD_DEW2Cycle01.JPG (150413 bytes)  Detroit05.jpg (15225 bytes)  Detroit05a.jpg (19172 bytes)  DEW_Air_Intake_Valve_01.JPG (65710 bytes)  DEW_Muffler_01.JPG (70771 bytes)  DEW_Muffler_02.JPG (62929 bytes)  DEW_Muffler_03.JPG (82242 bytes)
(Detroit Engine Works 3 hp) single cylinder 2 stroke fuel injection.

I purchased this engine from a fellow collector at the Florida Flywheelers show.  Photo on the bottom left shows what engine parts I had to work with when I purchased the engine. As you can see the engine was not restored,  missing the spark advance arm and most all the governor parts. No double drip oiler. No muffler. The engine is now fully restored. We located a spark advance arm from another collector but had to reproduce the governor parts. This is one of the very first fuel injection type engines. Injection system pressurized from the crank case pressure. Manufactured some time between 1905-1910.   Engine restored by John Davis & Heller Davis.



Detroit_8hp_Al_Wait_001.jpg (40033 bytes) Detroit_8hp_Al_Wait_002.jpg (45042 bytes) Detroit_8hp_Al_Wait_003.jpg (62047 bytes) Detroit_8hp_Al_Wait_004.jpg (77103 bytes) Detroit_8hp_Al_Wait_005.jpg (64387 bytes) Detroit_8hp_Al_Wait_006.jpg (53637 bytes) Detroit_8hp_Al_Wait_007.jpg (31330 bytes)

Detroit 8 hp,  Owner: Al Wait from Contoocook, New hampshire. This engine has counter weights on the crankshaft. It appears that only the 8 hp engine had this option.





DEW2Cycle8hp01.jpg (52776 bytes)  DEW2Cycle8hp02.jpg (61092 bytes)  DEW2Cycle8hp03.jpg (76346 bytes)  DEW2Cycle8hp04.jpg (101709 bytes)  

Detroit 8 hp, Owner ?  If anyone knows who the owner of this Detroit is please email me.


  Detroit_Engine_Works_8hp_Kevin_Kusel_01.jpg (111512 bytes) Detroit_Engine_Works_8hp_Kevin_Kusel_02.jpg (111600 bytes) Detroit_Engine_Works_8hp_Kevin_Kusel_03.jpg (107344 bytes) Detroit_Engine_Works_8hp_Kevin_Kusel_04.jpg (116717 bytes) Detroit_Engine_Works_8hp_Kevin_Kusel_05.jpg (110540 bytes) Detroit_Engine_Works_8hp_Kevin_Kusel_06.jpg (143952 bytes)
Very original late style 8hp Detroit, Owner: Kevin Kusel from Brick New Jersey.


DEW_8hp_Matt_Temple_001.jpg (48673 bytes) DEW_8hp_Matt_Temple_002.jpg (40942 bytes) DEW_8hp_Matt_Temple_003.jpg (43246 bytes) DEW_8hp_Matt_Temple_004.jpg (42415 bytes) DEW_8hp_Matt_Temple_006s.jpg (59618 bytes) DEW_8hp_Matt_Temple_005s.jpg (39660 bytes)
Owner: Matt Temple from Mississippi,  8 hp Detroit.


These three photos were taken at the 2002 Portland Indiana show.
DEW_Twin_01_Portland.JPG (1309682 bytes)  DEW_Twin_02_Portland.JPG (89045 bytes)  DEW_Twin_03_Portland.JPG (51366 bytes)

  DEW_12hp_Twin_Ed_Rowland_001.jpg (181418 bytes) DEW_12hp_Twin_Ed_Rowland_007.jpg (148568 bytes) DEW_12hp_Twin_Ed_Rowland_003.jpg (74775 bytes) DEW_12hp_Twin_Ed_Rowland_004.jpg (45558 bytes) DEW_12hp_Twin_Ed_Rowland_005.jpg (60679 bytes) DEW_12hp_Twin_Ed_Rowland_015.jpg (74064 bytes) 
DEW_12hp_Twin_Ed_Rowland_013.jpg (85106 bytes)
DEW_12hp_Twin_Ed_Rowland_014.jpg (102155 bytes) DEW_12hp_Twin_Ed_Rowland_016.jpg (96007 bytes) DEW_12hp_Twin_Ed_Rowland_017.jpg (88625 bytes)
The 12hp Detroit twin is now running thanks to it's new owner,  Ed Rowland from Ohio.


This is Ed Rowland's 6hp DEW, Serial # 1219
DEW_6hp_Ed_Rowland_005.jpg (96583 bytes) DEW_6hp_Ed_Rowland_004.jpg (63729 bytes) DEW_6hp_Ed_Rowland_003.jpg (50980 bytes) DEW_6hp_Ed_Rowland_002.jpg (82238 bytes)


Detroit4hp.jpg (97093 bytes)

Detroit 4 hp, Owner: Jon Rozevinks from Defiance, Ohio. 
Very original engine, skids, box and tank.



Detroit_Portland_2004.jpg (82402 bytes)

Owner: ? Photographer? Hp ?


Detroit_Jim_McCracken02.JPG (138142 bytes)

 Detroit ? hp, Owner: Jim McCracken from Crawfordsville,Oregon.


Detroit01RS.jpg (38858 bytes)                                                             DEW2CycleRussell01.JPG (124159 bytes)
      D.E.W. 2-1/2hp Bruce Sutton,                        D.E.W.  2.5 hp Clint Russell,
   from Arkansas                                                 Apopka Florida


Ziggy08.jpg (74115 bytes)  Ziggy02.jpg (72434 bytes)  Ziggy03.jpg (69155 bytes)  Ziggy01.jpg (67839 bytes) 
 Ziggy04.jpg (71521 bytes)  Ziggy05.jpg (84644 bytes)  Ziggy06.jpg (78183 bytes)  Ziggy07.jpg (87493 bytes)  Ziggy09.jpg (77547 bytes)

Owner:  Sigmund Masloski  from Columbus, Ohio.
Nice complete original engine.




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