Stationary Parts list Bulletin No. III    January 1st 1912.

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Stationary Parts list Bulletin No. III part 3,  November 1st 1914.

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John Peterson & Frederick O. Peterson designed the explosion engine and
 the two
piece fuel reservoir/injector Patent # 926,892  July 6, 1909. 
Manufactured by Ben J. Middleditch for Detroit Engine Works.


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Frederick Barthel
Patent for the single piece fuel reservoir/injector.
Patent # 1,026,425  May 14, 1912. Manufactured by Detroit Engine Works.
Frederick Barthel, born 1866,  died 1922, (grave at Forest Lawn Cemetery) wife Ida Bowman.


Detroit Engine Works 1907-1908 catalog 32 pages.

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Detroit Engine Works 1909 catalog 32 pages.

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Detroit Engine Works 1915 catalog 32 pages.

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Detroit Engine Works Power Machinery catalog 49 pages.
More pages will be added soon.

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Detroit Engine Works advertisements & Letter Heads.

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This advertisement is out of  "The North Dakota Farmer" magazine Vol. 16, No 10 dated April 15, 1915

Instructions for Operation and Care of Detroit Stationary Engines.

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Detroit Engine Works 2 Cycle Engine Letter Heads, Invoices, Etc...

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This envelope was donated by Steve Barr from:   Steve's Engine Shanty

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Notice on invoice # 10459 parts ordered from Detroit Engine Works
 for a 2hp Columbia Stationary engine.

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This letter head donated by Ken Christison from:  Ken's Engine Photo Mega List.

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