Detroit Engine Works  Detroit, Michigan.
 2 Cycle Marine Engine Photo's
* NOTICE*       Some of the engines on this page may not be using the original       * NOTICE *
engine parts per factory spec's such as carburetors, fuel reservoirs/injectors, Exhaust, Etc...

DEW Marine
DEW_Marine_Engine_1910_003s.jpg (293893 bytes) DEW_Marine_Engine_1910_001s.jpg (421470 bytes) DEW_Marine_Engine_1910_004s.jpg (469706 bytes) DEW_Marine_Engine_1910_005s.jpg (435548 bytes)
Photo's taken in 1910 at the Detroit Factory. Same photo's were used in some of the DEW catalogs.
Photo's courtsey of
Burton Historical Collection Detroit Public Library.


DEW Marine 4 hp.
DEW_Marine_4hp_Art_Wagner_001.jpg (43534 bytes) DEW_Marine_4hp_Art_Wagner_002.jpg (60106 bytes) DEW_Marine_4hp_Art_Wagner_003.jpg (58320 bytes) DEW_Marine_4hp_Art_Wagner_004.jpg (48428 bytes) DEW_Marine_4hp_Art_Wagner_005.jpg (60713 bytes) DEW_Marine_4hp_Art_Wagner_006.jpg (56931 bytes)
Owner: Art Wagner from Cary, Illinois.


DEW Marine 4 hp.
DEW_Marine_3hp_Ernie_Darrow_2.jpg (87921 bytes) DEW_Marine_3hp_Ernie_Darrow_1.JPG (44020 bytes) DEW_Marine_3hp_Ernie_Darrow_3.JPG (60498 bytes) DEW_Marine_3hp_Ernie_Darrow_4.JPG (65670 bytes)
Owner: Ernie Darrow from Taunton Massachusetts.


DEW Marine hp?  Owner: Unknown.
DEW_Marine_CL__001_1.jpg (83094 bytes) DEW_Marine_CL__001_4.jpg (89906 bytes) DEW_Marine_CL__001_5.jpg (84679 bytes) DEW_Marine_CL__001_2.jpg (98236 bytes) DEW_Marine_CL__001_3.jpg (90468 bytes)
This was a Craigslist special.



DEW Marine 2hp before restoration. 
DEW_Marine_Shelby_Babcock_001.JPG (155752 bytes)
DEW_Marine_Shelby_Babcock_002.JPG (142123 bytes) DEW_Marine_Shelby_Babcock_006.JPG (160683 bytes) DEW_Marine_Shelby_Babcock_004.JPG (145394 bytes) DEW_Marine_Shelby_Babcock_005.JPG (159148 bytes) DEW_Marine_Shelby_Babcock_003.JPG (139181 bytes)

After restoration
DEW_Marine_2hp_John_Davis_1s.jpg (39900 bytes) DEW_Marine_2hp_John_Davis_3s.jpg (244804 bytes) DEW_Marine_2hp_John_Davis_4s.jpg (281327 bytes) DEW_Marine_2hp_John_Davis_5s.jpg (268286 bytes) DEW_Marine_2hp_John_Davis_6s.jpg (268956 bytes) DEW_Marine_2hp_John_Davis_10s.jpg (276652 bytes)
 DEW_Marine_2hp_John_Davis_12s.jpg (271588 bytes) DEW_Marine_2hp_John_Davis_13s.jpg (280095 bytes) DEW_Marine_2hp_John_Davis_16s.jpg (265054 bytes) DEW_Marine_2hp_John_Davis_17s.jpg (238994 bytes) DEW_Marine_2hp_John_Davis_18s.jpg (262318 bytes) DEW_Marine_2hp_John_Davis_19s.jpg (207818 bytes) DEW_Marine_2hp_John_Davis_15s.jpg (253263 bytes)

Owner: John Davis from St. Cloud Florida. S/N - M2164, Flywheel diameter 11-3/4", Stroke 3-1/4", Bore 2-7/8", Muffler Maxim Silencer No 2-M4.


DEW_Marine_Mike_McClarnon_001s.jpg (265581 bytes) DEW_Marine_Mike_McClarnon_003s.jpg (186697 bytes) DEW_Marine_Mike_McClarnon_002s.jpg (229652 bytes)
DEW marine,  hp? Owner: Mike McClarnon.



DEW_Marine_4hp_Mark_Abner_5.jpg (33706 bytes) DEW_Marine_4hp_Mark_Abner_1.jpg (48765 bytes) DEW_Marine_4hp_Mark_Abner_2.jpg (42356 bytes) DEW_Marine_4hp_Mark_Abner_3.jpg (48208 bytes) DEW_Marine_4hp_Mark_Abner_4.jpg (38933 bytes) DEW_Marine_4hp_Mark_Abner_8.jpg (38301 bytes) DEW_Marine_4hp_Mark_Abner_7.jpg (81769 bytes) DEW_Marine_4hp_Mark_Abner_(6).jpg (157086 bytes)

DEW 4hp marine engine with Schebler carb. Owner & restorer Mark Abner from Louisville Kentucky. Very early engine with the 4 hole flywheel probably manufactured sometime between 1905 to 1908.  Nice job on the restoration Mark, I especially like the way you did the cart.



DEW_Marine_Fuel_Injector_01.JPG (60183 bytes) DEW_Marine_Fuel_Injector_02.jpg (40758 bytes)

DEW Marine with Fuel injector. Owner? Hp?


Detroit_Twin_Marine_001.jpg (156340 bytes) Detroit_Twin_Marine_002.jpg (110972 bytes) Detroit_Twin_Marine_003.jpg (128356 bytes) Detroit_Twin_Marine_004.jpg (132740 bytes) Detroit_Twin_Marine_005.jpg (150080 bytes)
Detroit_Twin_Marine_006.jpg (128920 bytes) Detroit_Twin_Marine_007.jpg (103009 bytes) Detroit_Twin_Marine_008.jpg (149827 bytes) Detroit_Twin_Marine_009.jpg (123749 bytes) Detroit_Twin_Marine_010.jpg (140818 bytes)

Dew Twin Marine. Owner? 9-10 hp


DEW_Marine_15hp_001.jpg (93466 bytes) DEW_Marine_15hp_002.jpg (105080 bytes)

DEW 15 hp, Owner? photo taken in Germany.


DEW_Marine_Silver_4.jpg (28559 bytes) DEW_Marine_Silver_2.jpg (29171 bytes) DEW_Marine_Silver_1.jpg (33200 bytes) DEW_Marine_Silver_3.jpg (25787 bytes)

Dew Marine sold on Ebay. Owner? Hp?


DEW_Marine_Yellow (1).jpg (131139 bytes) DEW_Marine_Yellow (2).jpg (103852 bytes) DEW_Marine_Yellow (3).jpg (98781 bytes) DEW_Marine_Yellow_4.jpg (129311 bytes) DEW_Marine_Yellow_5.jpg (130134 bytes) DEW_Marine_Yellow_6.jpg (92540 bytes) DEW_Marine_Yellow_7.jpg (62927 bytes)

This Dew Marine engine was auctioned off on Ebay a few years back. Owner: Un-known, Hp: Un-known but I believe it is a 2 hp. If you know who the owner is please email me. I believe this engine to be one of the oldest DEW marine engines in existance. The first DEW marine engine advertisements started showing up in 1906-1907 with the 4 hole flywheel. Also proof that this is a very early engine is the small 3/4" threaded inspection plug and the location of the exhaust hole being higher up in the manifold and last but not least is different style brass name tag. This style tag was on the very first DEW marine engines. 


DEW_Douglas_Deline_01.JPG (34868 bytes)
DEW_Douglas_Deline_02.JPG (53631 bytes) DEW_Douglas_Deline_03.JPG (50832 bytes) DEW_Douglas_Deline_04.JPG (46992 bytes) DEW_Douglas_Deline_05.JPG (36648 bytes) DEW_Douglas_Deline_06.JPG (55289 bytes) DEW_Douglas_Deline_07.JPG (36891 bytes) DEW_Douglas_Deline_08.JPG (42317 bytes)
DEW 3hp, Owner: Douglas Deline from Midland, Michigan.


    DEW_Marine_Reese_Groshong_001.jpg (117008 bytes)  DEW_Marine_Reese_Groshong_005.jpg (61543 bytes) DEW_Marine_Reese_Groshong_004.jpg (111486 bytes) DEW_Marine_Reese_Groshong_002.jpg (139012 bytes)
Owner: Reese Groshong


    DEWMarine03.JPG (21636 bytes)  DEWMarine04.jpg (22906 bytes)      DEWMarine05.jpg (11680 bytes)  DEWMarine06.jpg (11386 bytes)  DEWMarine07.jpg (28388 bytes)  DEWMarine08.jpg (9758 bytes)
(If anyone knows the owner's or any information on these engines please E-mail me)

         DEWMarine11.jpg (45090 bytes)  DEWMarine10.jpg (44908 bytes)           DEWMarine09.jpg (38498 bytes)         

 DEWMarine14.jpg (21986 bytes) DEWMarine15.jpg (31443 bytes) DEWMarine16.jpg (31794 bytes) DEWMarine17.jpg (21525 bytes)


Florida_Flywheelers_Feb_2007_145.JPG (29616 bytes) Florida_Flywheelers_Feb_2007_143.JPG (30074 bytes) DEW_Roger_tan_03.jpg (93426 bytes) DEW_Roger_Tan_01.jpg (258121 bytes) DEW_Roger_Tan_02.jpg (97747 bytes)

Detroit 2hp. Owner: Roger Tan from Tampa.



Restored  2006
DEW_Marine_01_JC.Davis_2006.JPG (191118 bytes)
DEW_Marine_05_JC.Davis_2006.JPG (111400 bytes) DEW_Marine_07_JC.Davis_2006.JPG (57708 bytes) DEW_Marine_02_JC.Davis_2006.JPG (94402 bytes) DEW_Marine_06_JC.Davis_2006.JPG (105021 bytes) DEW_Marine_03_JC.Davis_2006.JPG (103995 bytes) DEW_Marine_04_JC.Davis_2006.JPG (89366 bytes) Dew_Marine_08_J.C.Davis_2006.JPG (29653 bytes) 
DEW_Marine_2hp_John_Davis_2.JPG (114437 bytes) DEW_Marine_2hp_John_Davis_3.JPG (98032 bytes) DEW_Marine_2hp_John_Davis__4.JPG (106216 bytes) DEW_Marine_2hp_John_Davis_1.JPG (120614 bytes) DEW_Marine_2hp_John_Davis__5.JPG (102258 bytes)
DEW_Marine_2.5hp_John_Davis_01.JPG (125503 bytes)
DEW_Marine_2.5hp_John_Davis_04.JPG (173701 bytes) DEW_Marine_2.5hp_John_Davis_05.JPG (137889 bytes) DEW_Marine_2.5hp_John_Davis_03.JPG (126411 bytes) DEW_Marine_2.5hp_John_Davis_02.JPG (132963 bytes) DEW_Marine_2.5hp_John_Davis_07.JPG (123582 bytes) DEW_Marine_2.5hp_John_Davis_09.JPG (151326 bytes) DEW_Marine_2.5hp_John_Davis_06.JPG (130308 bytes)

Detroit 2hp before and after restoration photos.   Owner: John Davis from St. Cloud, Florida. Bore: 3 in. Stroke: 3.5 in. Crankshaft Dia: 1-7/32 in. Weight: 100 lbs. Carb:  Lunkenheimer with throttle control.  Notice Grease cup on the crankshaft for lubricating lower con rod. Most of the Detroit's used oil to lubricate the lower con rod bearing. This is a good example of an early manufactured DEW marine engine with the small 3/4" pipe plug hole for crankcase inspection and no balanced flywheel or crankshaft. Also has the early style brass name tag. Engine manufactured around the 1905 to 1907 time period.



DEWMarine12.jpg (21186 bytes)   DEWMarine13.jpg (20473 bytes)
Owned by:  William Roe of Long Island New York.


DEW_Marine_Don_Wright04.JPG (46902 bytes)    Dew_Marine_Don_Wright02.JPG (192598 bytes)    Dew_Marine_Don_Wright01.JPG (106634 bytes)     DEW_Marine_Don_Wright05.JPG (74729 bytes)     Dew_Marine_Don_Wright03.JPG (106251 bytes)

Owner:  Don & Liz Wright from Connecticut.


mvc-567l.jpg (165475 bytes)
      Detroit_Marine02_Portland_2004.jpg (126308 bytes)     Detroit_Marine_Schebler.JPG (138945 bytes)

Owner:  ? Photographer ? Hp ?


   Detroit_4_holes01.JPG (23416 bytes) Detroit_4_holes08.JPG (26519 bytes) Detroit_4_holes04.JPG (31475 bytes) Detroit_4_holes02.JPG (22468 bytes) Detroit_4_holes03.JPG (28975 bytes)  
 Detroit_4_holes05.JPG (30342 bytes) Detroit_4_holes06.JPG (30015 bytes) Detroit_4_holes07.JPG (25239 bytes) Detroit_4_holes09.JPG (28975 bytes) Detroit_4_holes10.JPG (32800 bytes) Detroit_4_holes11.JPG (28502 bytes)

Is this a Detroit? The literature sections show that Detroit Engine Works, Termaat & Monahan and Caille manufactured marine engines with four holes in the flywheel. The carburetor is a Essex.  Owner or hp not known.

Original literature shows that Detroit Engine Works single cylinder (marine engines) were manufactured with three or four large holes in the flywheel or a combination of large holes and small holes. There were a lot of engine companies including Detroit Engine Works, Detroit Motor Car Supply Co., Columbia Engine Co., Caille Perfection Motor Co., Termaat & Monahan Co., Michigan Steel Boat Co., Detroit Boat Co., Etc.... that had different combinations and quantity of holes in the flywheels.  Trying to identify the different brand of marine engines by how many or what size holes are in the flywheel simply does not work. Collectors have also tried to use the location of greasers or grease cups on the end of the crank shaft as a means to identify certain engines, again this does not work. You will see examples of engines on original literature and photos on this website that will prove that all these theories do not work.

Low pressure fuel reservoir-injectors, carburetors and
 mixers that were used on Detroit marine engine's 

The two piece Automatic fuel feeder-injector (patent # 926,892) was designed by John Peterson and Frederick O. Peterson patented on July 6, 1909 manufactured by Ben J. MiddleDitch for Detroit Engine Works. The early two piece style fuel reservoir/injector first appeared around the 1907-1908 time period and the reservoir caps were changed over the next few years. Three different Style caps were manufactured. (1st) Ribbed no embossing, (2nd) Embossed Patent applied for, (3rd) Embossed patented July 6, 1909.

Sources = (1907-1908 Engine Catalog), (U.S. Patent # 926,892), (1909 Engine Catalog), (Bulletin No III Jan 1st 1912), (Bulletin No III part 3 Nov 1st 1914), (1915 Engine Catalog), (Information embossed on Peterson fuel feeders).

Detroit_Fuel_Reservoir01.JPG (24567 bytes) Detroit_Fuel_Reservoir02.JPG (25891 bytes) Detroit_Fuel_Reservoir_Early_Cap.JPG (32977 bytes) Detroit_Fuel_Reservoir_Cap_001ss.JPG (108390 bytes) Detroit_Fuel_Reservoir_Cap01.JPG (34257 bytes) Detroit_Fuel_Reservoir_Cap02.JPG (22571 bytes) Detroit_Fuel_Reservoir03.JPG (28906 bytes) Detroit_Fuel_Reservoir04.JPG (25026 bytes)
 Detroit_Fuel_Reservoir05.JPG (24090 bytes) Detroit_Fuel_Reservoir06.JPG (28407 bytes) Detroit_Fuel_Reservoir07.JPG (30433 bytes) Detroit_Float01.JPG (20927 bytes) Detroit_Float02.JPG (17896 bytes) Detroit_Float03.JPG (25271 bytes) Detroit_Fuel_Reservoir_Check_Valve_01.JPG (12187 bytes) Detroit_Fuel_Reservoir_Check_Valve_02.JPG (17284 bytes)
  Detroit_Fuel_Reservoir_Check_Valve_03.JPG (14261 bytes) Detroit_Injector_Valve02.JPG (12094 bytes) Detroit_Injector_Valve03.JPG (16938 bytes) Detroit_Injector_Needle_Valve.JPG (10243 bytes) Detroit_Float_Needle_Check_ball.JPG (6194 bytes) Detroit_2_Piece_Fuel_Reservoir_Injector01.JPG (27450 bytes)

The one piece fuel feeder-Injector (patent # 1,026,425) was designed by Frederick Barthel and patented May 14, 1912 manufactured by Detroit Engine Works.  There were 3 styles of this one piece fuel feeder/Injector produced. They are listed below in the order which they were produced.

1st style had a flat top with a U shaped tube on the top.
2nd style had a flat top with hex cast on the top.
3rd style had a Acorn hex on the top. 

Sources = (U.S,Patent # 1,026,425), (Bulletin No III Jan 1st 1912), (Bulletin No III part 3 Nov 1st 1914), (1915 Engine Catalog), (1912 Detroit Marine operating instructions).

Tube_Top_Fuel_Feeder_Injector.JPG (33532 bytes) Detroit_Tube_Top_Fuel_Reservoir_Injector01.jpg (60272 bytes)          Flat_Hex_Top_Fuel_Feeder_Injector.JPG (50359 bytes) Detroit_Fuel_Reservoir_Injector03.JPG (146442 bytes)          Acorn_Top_Fuel_Feeder_Injector.JPG (96266 bytes) Acorn_Fuel_Reservoir_Injector01.JPG (37857 bytes)

Krice photo's donated by the guys from  website.

Krice07.jpg (56059 bytes)   Krice08.jpg (75340 bytes)   Krice06.jpg (49958 bytes)     Krice10.jpg (53821 bytes)   Krice01.jpg (63010 bytes)   Krice02.jpg (64005 bytes)
Krice Float type carburetor

SCHEBLER_01.jpg (61546 bytes) SCHEBLER_02.jpg (86384 bytes) SCHEBLER_03.jpg (88829 bytes)
Schebler_04.JPG (38902 bytes) Schebler_05.JPG (39589 bytes) 

Schebler float type carburetor


lumix.1.jpg (17174 bytes)       lumix.2.jpg (17480 bytes)       lumix.3.jpg (16213 bytes)       lumix.4.jpg (39900 bytes)
Lunkenhiemer 3/4 inch L.H.  mixer with adjustable throttle arm on top and floating valve.