Caille Perfection Motor Co.  Detroit, Michigan.

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Caille Perfection 4 hp,   Owner:   Jim McCracken  Crawfordsville, Oregon.


I have only ever seen four Caille Perfection two cycle vertical stationary engines. It appears that not to many of these engines were made. Noticeable differences in the Caille and Detroit are:  (1). Caille crank shaft is tapered and threaded on each end with nuts.  (2). Governor linkage and air-intake different shape castings then Detroit. (3). Boss on side of water jacket for oiler is longer then on a Detroit.  (4). Diameter of piston, flywheels, crank shaft not the same as Detroit's spec's.

Caille Perfection,  Owner: George Robinson from Australia.
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Below are photos of the engine above after its restoration by George Robinson.
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The photos below were taken by George Robinson at a local auction in his area.
This is a larger Caille Perfection engine that sold for $1800.00

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