Columbia Engine Company


Complete 24 page Columbia Marine Engine catalog.

Literature Donated by:  John C. Davis

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Columbia_Marine_Info_Page_07.JPG (110691 bytes)   Columbia_Marine_Info_Page_08.JPG (106133 bytes)   Columbia_Marine_Info_Page_09.JPG (100266 bytes)   Columbia_Boat_Engine_Equipment.JPG (101485 bytes)   Columbia_Marine_Engine_2hp.JPG (80638 bytes)   Columbia_Marine_Engine_3hp.JPG (83327 bytes)   Columbia_Marine_Engine_4hp.JPG (80426 bytes)   Columbia_Marine_Engine_5-6hp.JPG (80907 bytes)   Columbia_Marine_Engine_7-8hp.JPG (84880 bytes)
Columbia_Marine_Engine_8hp.JPG (85060 bytes)   Columbia_Marine_Engine_9-10hp.JPG (91153 bytes)   Columbia_Marine_Engine_12hp.JPG (86024 bytes)   Columbia_Marine_Engine_15hp.JPG (88113 bytes)   Columbia_Marine_Engine_20hp_Special.JPG (80203 bytes)   Columbia_Marine_Engine_20hp_Heavy_Duty.JPG (82589 bytes)   Columbia_Marine_Engine_20-50hp.JPG (92996 bytes) 
Columbia_Marine_Reverse_Gear.JPG (89138 bytes)  Columbia_Marine_Supplies.JPG (61730 bytes)

Notice in pages 1 and 14 that the engines are tagged with Detroit Engine Works name. You may not be able to see this detail clear enough in these scans but in the original catalog it can be seen. The pictures on pages 1 and 10 are exact copies of a pictures Detroit Engine Works used in some of their advertisements.  Also on page 23 the reverse gear is a exact copy of Detroit Engine Works reverse gear.  See DEW 2 Cycle Marine Literature section for a comparison pictures.

1911 Columbia Engine Co. Advertisement.

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