Automatic Paring Machines

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Heller Davis (My Father) is the proud owner of this Paring machine. Manufactured sometime between 1913 to 1916 by Coons Manufacturing Company of Rochester New York.  Manufactured under patents (1,204,413) and (1,168,788).  Burton C. Coons invented this paring machine and a lot of other machines. (1,070,416) (1,269,390) (1,681,467) (1,650,694) (1,430,628) (1,442,859).  At some point and time Coons Mfg Co. must have merged with another company because their name changed to Coons-Mabbett Mfg Co. Inc.

  The paring machine in the photos above has a leaver by the top pulley which operates a clutch for engaging and disengaging the three spindles that rotate and turn into position. First position is for loading, second position peels and cores the apple then drops it. Third position dumps the core that is left on the spindle.  The peeler is powered with a antique flywheel engine by way of a flat belt.  As you can see everything works off of gears and cams. The machine does a very good job of peeling and coring the apples and really draws a large crowd at the shows. I believe in the factories where these paring machines were used they would be powered by way of flat belt to a line shaft overhead. The line shaft would run many of these paring machines. A large flywheel engine would be the power source for the line shaft. Very similar to the way the old machine shops use to operate.

See the YouTube video below of this Coon's apple peeler in operation at our local antique show.




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  Photos of a paring machine that was on EBay. Manufactured by Goodell Co. Antrim New Hampshire. Machine name "Eureka" built sometime between 1874 and 1886. Appears that this paring machine could be operated by hand or by way of flat belt and engine. There are a lot of patents by inventors that either worked for or sold patents to the Goodell Co. not sure which patent pertained to the paring machine above. (858,344) (923,561) (434,398) (449,050) (824,300) (1,008,555) (710,390) (710,351) (340,675) (1,113,571) (397,871) (633,243) (896,729) (141,070) (315,158) (379,324).


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This is a two spindle machine was manufactured by W. H. Boutell & Co. Rochester, New York. Machine name "TRIUMPH". Machine operates by way of flat belt and engine.  Listed are some of the patents for paring machines from this company.  (11,777) (892,394) (892,393) (693,778).     Owner: (Paul Spence from New Jersey).