Arthur Colton Company

Arthur Colton ~ Machinist, inventor, world-renowned manufacturer of pharmaceutical  machinery ~ was born November 16 1858 in the Stratford East sub-district of London England he was eleventh of twelve children of Henry and Martha Colton. In 1881 he immigrated to the United States. New York for a few months and then in 1882 to Detroit. That same year  in the evening of September 27th, 1882 Arthur Colton was married to Eliza Dorling. Detroit remained their home until Arthurs death on May 22, 1948. He was interred at Woodlawn Mausoleum, Detroit, aged 89 years six months. The Arthur Colton Co. wealth first came from designing and manufacturing pharmaceutical machinery and appliances. Listed are just a few of the pharmaceutical patents the company was involved with, 1077392, 3044599, 1545777, 901937, 1861047, 540538, 3026594, 961936. Another part of their business was the manufacturing of twist drills with a large 153 x 60 three story factory just for manufacturing the Colton-Detroit twist drills. Sometime in the early 1900's Arthur got envolved in manufacturing two cycle stationary kerosene engines with a low pressure fuel injection system that would run on a multiple types of fuel such as gasoline, Kerosene, alcohol, distilate, and other fusel oils. The design and patent used to manufacture and sell these engines was created by Arthur Frederick Evans of Cambridge, England. Patent number (732,343) dated June 30th, 1903. This patent date is embossed on the Arthur Colton fuel reservoir/injector (See Photos). This patent appears to be the very very first patent for low pressure fuel injection engines. I'm not really sure if Arthur Colton purchased the patent rights from Mr Evans or if he just paid him some amount of royalty for every engine he sold. In January 23, 1911 another patent application was filed by Burton W. Scott and Charles J. Schiemer assignors to Arthur Colton Co. for a new patent # 1,149,296 which was approved on August 10, 1915. This patent is more accurate to being like the Arthur Colton engines shown in our photos. There are only a few of these Colton engines that still exist at this time. (See photo section).


Arthur Colton Company at 182 Brush Street Detroit, Michigan 1912.